Soap & Spoilers Emmerdale Victoria Sugden of Emmerdale is receiving a lot of criticism since Jacob was hospitalized.

Victoria Sugden of Emmerdale is receiving a lot of criticism since Jacob was hospitalized.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

Leyla Harding’s criticism of Victoria Sugden regarding Jacob’s hospitalization in Emmerdale has been quite harsh.

In the startling episode that aired on Monday, September 18, Victoria and Jacob got into a disastrous situation at Hide’s major client presentation, leaving Jacob battling for his life in the ICU.

The episode began with Jacob telling his father to “calm down” and not get ahead of himself, questioning David’s capacity to win back Victoria after their recent breakup.

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Leyla reassured Suzy, who was skeptical, that the client presentation would go without a hitch since Victoria and the new chef Suni had the meal under control.

Soon after Suzy and Leyla returned to their workplace, Victoria arrived and informed Suni that she was hungover from drinking too many Long Island Ice Teas the night before.

When Gabby arrived with clients who weren’t on the invite list, the situation became much more difficult, requiring Victoria and Suni to look for additional food.

After calling to see how Victoria was doing, Jacob became dismayed when she casually noted how delighted she was to be “friends” with David once more after everything they had gone through.

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Due to a nut sensitivity, he first inquired as to whether any of the food included nuts before helping himself to some of the sliders. After giving it some thought, Victoria insisted that no nuts were used.

She was mistaken, though, and Jacob suffered a severe allergic response that got worse when his autoinjector was clogged and couldn’t release the medicine correctly.

Before it was too late, Jacob’s friends and family hurried to bring him to the hospital. Leyla tore a strip off Victoria when she arrived at the hospital to check on Jacob after learning of the error.

Furious Leyla said, “Have you any clue what you’ve put us through.” “You almost murdered him… I’m unable to handle you at this time. Get away from my view.

Jacob’s fluid-filled lungs continue to put him in severe condition. Will he be able to be saved by doctors?

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