Alfie’s departure from EastEnders has been announced following a cancer procedure

After receiving treatment for prostate cancer in EastEnders, Alfie Moon (Shane Richie) is expected to depart from the Square for a while. Recently, Alfie’s world was turned upside down when he learned from physicians that he could have prostate cancer after visiting the hospital. He was then sent for more testing. He claimed to have … Read more

Stephen has left. Cast members of Coronation Street assemble to bid actor Todd Boyce farewell.

Todd Boyce, a cast member of Coronation Street, must depart. And although viewers may be happy to see Stephen Reid, a terrible serial murderer, punished, it’s a difficult moment for the Corrie actors as they bid farewell to their beloved co-star. Todd celebrated his last week by going out with friends and coworkers after being … Read more

In a Corrie spoiler video, Stephen rejoices as he gets away with murder, but not for long.

In the most recent Coronation Street spoiler video, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) is shown thinking happily about her lover Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) moving into the Rovers. She has no idea, however, that her world is about to come tumbling down. Stephen felt free to pursue Jenny, the woman he was genuinely interested in, … Read more

Cufflinks from EastEnders reveal an iconic character may have passed away.

Spoilers for Wednesday’s (September 20) episode of EastEnders are provided below. Another significant indication about the victim of the Christmas death plot has been revealed by EastEnders. The show’s viewers will be aware that a flashforward sequence from earlier this year had six of Walford’s most important female characters gathered around a mystery dead body … Read more

8 major Emmerdale spoilers for the upcoming week

Below are Emmerdale spoilers. On Emmerdale the next week, Mack pops the question to Chloe when he suspects a new pregnancy. Charles loses his cool at The Woolpack, and Chas has a challenging interaction with Paddy, Mandy, and Eve. The complete list of the eight major events is provided below. Mack asks Chloe to marry … Read more