8 major Emmerdale spoilers for the upcoming week

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

On Emmerdale the next week, Mack pops the question to Chloe when he suspects a new pregnancy.

Charles loses his cool at The Woolpack, and Chas has a challenging interaction with Paddy, Mandy, and Eve.

The complete list of the eight major events is provided below.

Mack asks Chloe to marry him

Mack discovers Chloe ordering a pregnancy test on her phone when she thinks she could be pregnant once more.

When Chloe describes the circumstance, Mack is obviously happy and chooses to pop the question to her as a sign of his love.

  1. Moira and Nate are troubled by Mack’s choice.

Mack and Chloe joyfully announce their engagement and impending pregnancies. Mack makes an effort to comfort Moira, who thinks he hurried the proposal.

Nate raises doubts as well, claiming that Mack is more concerned with a new child than with his relationship with Chloe.

  1. Chloe feels let down.

Amy receives a confession from Chloe that she isn’t actually pregnant after all because her menstruation has started. Chloe waits to tell Mack she isn’t pregnant because she thinks he would lose interest in her if he learns otherwise while he is still anticipating a new kid.

The next day, Chloe gathers her courage and tells Mack the truth—but how will he respond?

  1. Manpreet backs Claudette up.

Manpreet skips work to assist Claudette in planning Victor’s funeral. After the event regarding the jewelry before Victor’s death, Claudette is hesitant since she is still uncertain of his innocence.

Claudette is inspired by Manpreet, and the two form a close relationship. Manpreet phones Charles and asks him to come home to settle things since she feels bad that Claudette is still believing a falsehood about Victor.

  1. Charles becomes angry

When Charles comes back, he ponders telling Claudette the truth but finds it difficult to do so.

Later, when Tom notices Charles drinking heavily at The Woolpack, he attempts to step in out of worry. The vet receives a poor response from Charles, who starts a fight with Tom that ends with him hitting the vet and throwing him against the bar. Charles only gives up when his concerned family implores him to.

  1. Gail and Ryan discuss the situation.

Gail finally revealed a significant truth that she had been hiding.

Can Gail and Ryan resolve their differences when they sit down to talk things over?

  1. Chas is sorry.

To let Eve know about Paddy’s friendship with Mandy, Chas and Paddy team together. Chas attempts to conceal her envy and regrets many of her previous choices.

Marlon intervenes by assuring Chas that Eve will always love her and that she is a wonderful mother.

  1. Tom learns some depressing information

Tom wants to live with Belle in their own home to secure their future together.

When Belle states that she cannot yet move in with him, Tom is dissatisfied.

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