Balvinder Sopal of EastEnders shares Suki’s shocking vengeance narrative.

Spoilers for EastEnders follow.

Suki Panesar from EastEnders will have another chance to get revenge on her new adversary Ravi Gulati the following week when his teenage kid goes missing.

On the heels of an accusatory talk with Suki, Nugget will disappear, resulting in a massive police investigation and a sad period for Ravi.

Suki continues to play a risky game when speaking with the police by sowing seeds of doubt regarding Ravi’s nefarious actions.

Here, Balvinder Sopal describes the major moments to come and why Suki’s health is being tragically affected by everything.

Does Suki regret revealing to Nugget that Ravi is a murderer?

“Yes, as I don’t believe she intended to inform Nugget in that manner. Suki used it as a last-ditch effort to protect herself when Nugget resisted her attempts to preserve secrets. Now that she’s unintentionally dragged Nugget into this chaotic scenario, she does feel bad.

“Suki and Nugget have a wonderful bond. Regardless matter who the boy’s father and grandpa are, she adores him. She loves him, and they are close. They have a wonderful connection. When Nugget is at number 41 with her or Nish, Suki always feels safe and protected.

How does Suki respond when Ravi barges in and accuses her of being to blame for Nugget being missing?

She is terrified and appalled. If Suki hadn’t said anything, perhaps Nugget wouldn’t have vanished, therefore there may be some truth to what Ravi claims. Ravi is also engaging in risky behavior since he singled out Kheerat while she was incarcerated. That has turned their relationship into a tit-for-tat one. Suki informed Nugget what Ravi had done, saying, “I’ll give you a lesson then, will I?” It’s retaliation for the suffering, anguish, and heartbreak he has inflicted on Suki as a father.

The chemistry between Ravi and Suki is intriguing. What does she think about him?

It’s a complicated bond since Suki’s attachment to Ravi stems from the fact that she used him to cover up the murder from the beginning. Kheerat was injured in the crossfire as Ravi prevented her from losing consciousness. Suki had to give up her son since Kheerat is her only source of survival. She now understands, however, that Ravi would have been sent to prison rather than Kheerat if he had simply been truthful about it at first.

“I believe that up to this point, she has always been able to manage her relationship with Ravi because he has always been there to help her out, cleaned up after her, and she could always turn to him to get rid of X, Y, or Z. So in a sense, she trusts him. The trust has been betrayed at this point, and she may not be able to accept that he did it, which causes the profound betrayal to linger in her gut and force her to act in ways she may not otherwise want to.

Do you believe they can escape this situation

?”I think Suki believes in Ravi far more than she does in Nish, so I hope one day they can get down and talk it out. She is aware that Ravi and Nish don’t have the finest of relationships, so they have something in common. Suki currently despises Ravi yet still loves him; she wants to murder him but needs him to be alive.

She wants him to stay away from the family, but that is difficult because he is both Nish and Nugget’s father. It’s quite intriguing because Ravi is also involved in their enterprises. The more we can expand our connection because I adore working with Aaron Thiara [Aaron], the better.

Why does Suki tell the police in secret that Ravi is a horrible guy?

“Suki does it to cast him as a suspect and imply that he could be someone to keep an eye on. She wants them to understand that Ravi is more responsible for Nugget’s disappearance than anybody else, and that he is not as innocent as he claims.

“Suki also suggests that she is afraid of him and that he has a temper. Suki is trying to frame Ravi in a deliberate manner, not because she is afraid of him, in my opinion. This is a pretty insensitive thing for Suki to have done because the dad is mourning the death of his kid and is unsure of whether he is alive or dead. Although he did keep the murder of Ranveer a secret for a while.

When Ravi and Nish confront her with speaking to the police behind their backs, does she worry?

“I believe that there is perpetual concern about what may occur if a plan goes wrong. Suki, however, tends to react quickly and does not stroll; instead, she sprints with the situation. I adore the enthusiasm she exudes.

“Suki realizes it’s a risky game she’s playing, but I suppose she feels if something happens, she’ll just cope with it and come up with another justification to disprove their suspicions.”

Ravi must be treated like her own kid, according to Nish. Is she capable of doing that?

No, not as her own son due to the Kheerat controversy. But there may be a reconciliation if Ravi arrived and expressed sincere regret for what he had done and took initiative to make amends with Suki. Those two personas complement one another quite nicely.

Suki, do you feel so lonely right now?

“She does, really. Suki is in need of friends and a network of supporters right now, but she lacks those things. She treasures this genuine, non-transactional connection with Nugget for this very reason.

She hasn’t even been that way with her own kids. Suki, in my opinion, needs allies. I wonder what Suki would do if Ravi came to her and said, “I’ve messed up, I’m very sorry!” They have the potential to be a very strong squad.

Ravi and Nish are the two scary males that are now around Suki. What price is she paying for that?

“I believe the long-lasting damage is beginning to show. Suki is deteriorating both psychologically and physically as we watch. She feels as though there is constantly a lot going on and that she cannot relax. Whom can she rely on? Who is her lover? Who takes care of her? Exists anyone there?

She is juggling a serious cocktail of stress, worry, and trauma. She is not in a good situation, but she is a survivor, therefore she will find a way, in my opinion.

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