Chas Dingle of Emmerdale is outraged when the infidelity plot is rehashed.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

Next week, Chas Dingle from Emmerdale will have a challenging day as she is forced to consider the dissolution of her marriage to Paddy.

As they are ready to inform their little daughter Eve that Paddy has gone on, the former couple reaches another significant turning point in the aftermath of their divorce.

This year, Paddy and his ex-wife Mandy reunited, and things have gone smoothly ever since.

Chas, Paddy, and Mandy come together to have a crucial chat with Eve, who will turn 4 in a month. They want to be as honest as possible with her.

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Bear Wolf joins them for moral support as they talk to Eve about how Paddy is now seriously dating Mandy.

Although Chas attempts to remain strong during the chat, it is obvious that she is jealous of Paddy for being happy without her.

You’ll have to watch to find out if Chas is having trouble without her own relationship to fall back on or if she still has unresolved feelings for Paddy.

Later in the week, Marlon Dingle notices Chas is down and intervenes to provide some moral support.

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Marlon reassures Chas that Eve will always love her and that she is a wonderful mother.

Chas put her marriage to Paddy at peril by sleeping with Al Chapman the previous year.

A few weeks after Al’s passing, Paddy learned of his wife’s infidelity and made the decision to divorce her.

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