Cufflinks from EastEnders reveal an iconic character may have passed away.

Spoilers for Wednesday’s (September 20) episode of EastEnders are provided below.

Another significant indication about the victim of the Christmas death plot has been revealed by EastEnders.

The show’s viewers will be aware that a flashforward sequence from earlier this year had six of Walford’s most important female characters gathered around a mystery dead body at the Queen Vic.

The cufflinks worn by the mystery guy at the time of his murder have been a major theme in hypotheses, with the accessory circling a variety of characters in recent months.

14 significant EastEnders spoilers for the upcoming episode

Phil Mitchell, who receives them from Jack Branning in tonight’s (September 20) episode, which is currently available on BBC iPlayer, is the most recent person to acquire them.

Before Phil’s wedding to Kat Slater, he warns him, “Take care of these, they’re Nish’s, therefore they’re probably pricey.”

“Thanks,” says Phil. “I suppose I lost mine in a scuffle.”

Then Sharon Watts walks into the room and says, “Nice cufflinks.”

Phil could be the one to pass away this Christmas. To learn the answer, we must wait.

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Balvinder Sopal, who plays Suki Panesar, recently applauded the plot, saying: “It’s absolutely great that EastEnders is pairing Suki up with other members of the Walford community as part of ‘The Six,’ and the fact that they are all women is amazing.

It strengthens the sense of sisterhood and prioritizes strong women in narratives about kinship, friendship, and love.

“I believe it’s incredibly essential to see these ladies have solid relationships where they can support and assist one another during trying times,”

BBC One broadcasts EastEnders from Monday through Thursday at 7.30 p.m. The program is also available on BBC iPlayer.

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