In a Corrie spoiler video, Stephen rejoices as he gets away with murder, but not for long.

In the most recent Coronation Street spoiler video, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) is shown thinking happily about her lover Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) moving into the Rovers. She has no idea, however, that her world is about to come tumbling down.

Stephen felt free to pursue Jenny, the woman he was genuinely interested in, once his relationship with Elaine Jones (Paula Wilcox) ended, and she has embraced it.

It has been his dream to be with Jenny since they first met, and she is the apple of his eye. He is crazy about her and can’t believe they are actually together. Todd Boyce informed us.

Now that Stephen’s wish has come true, the film shows his baggage in the Rovers hallway as Glenda Shuttleworth (Jodie Prenger) muses on whether or not she’ll need earplugs due to Jenny and Stephen’s possible bedroom antics. Daisy Midgeley’s (Charlotte Jordan) face is identical to all of our faces as we consider it, and Jenny laughs at the thought.

Stephen then materializes. Daisy responds, more precisely than she realizes considering that Stephen has committed several homicides, “Speak of the devil.”

Jenny and Stephen have moved in together (ITV image).

Stephen claims to have experienced a headache and left work early. This headache was presumably brought on by hearing that a dead body had been discovered on Ed Bailey’s (Trevor Michael Georges) construction site. Stephen nearly makes you feel bad since he appears extremely sick at the thought that at least one of his misdeeds could be about to come to light.

Daisy said that the identity of the deceased person is still unknown to the police. But Glenda knows something. She responds, “I heard it was a lady through the grapevine.” Whoever she was, what a poor cow.

Yes, Stephen responds while attempting to hide his sadness. It’s really too bad, isn’t it?

Will Stephen be punished for his crimes? (Image from ITV)

Of course, learning that the body is female is a big relief for the killer, whose victims have all been men thus far.

Unfortunately, Stephen’s relief could only last as long as it takes the aspirin Jenny gave him to start working because Ed quickly verifies that the body was in fact male.

And very quickly Stephen’s deceit and misdeeds come to light.

According to a source, “Stephen’s stunning fall is starting with the discovery of the body, which people have been eagerly anticipating.”

We are aware that Todd Boyce has already wrapped up filming and that Super Soap Week in October will see a dramatic end to Stephen’s journey.

The insider cautioned that “there is still a distance to go until the end.”

Because of his desperation and the way things are going, supporters don’t rule out another kill or two before Stephen is brought down.

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