Explosive horror as Charles reveals his violent side in a public attack, according to Emmerdale spoilers

Charles’s aggressive side is shown (ITV image)

Charles (Kevin Mathurin), who had been haunted by remorse for accidently causing Victor’s death, left his family in Emmerdale to deal with their loss on their own when his father passed away.

Nobody is aware of his whereabouts, and the funeral is quickly coming. Manpreet (Rebecca Sarker) and Ethan (Emile John) settle on doing what they can to assist Claudette (Flo Wilson) in the absence of any indications of his return. There there appears to be a connection between Manpreet and Claudette as she supports the woman as best she can.

However, this only helps to increase Manpreet’s guilt because she is aware of Charles’s secret and can see the harm Victor’s death as a thief instead of a man who was set up by his own son is causing to Claudette.

Manpreet’s remorse grows as he desperately tries to find some solace by calling Charles and pleading with him to come home. It works, and Charles comes back after realizing he must face the consequences. He is prepared to tell his mother everything that happened.

But before he can, Claudette starts chanting his praises, and he finds himself unable to conceive telling her the truth since it would shatter her heart. Instead, he backs up and walks away.

There is only one place for this bottled-up anxiety, shame, and dread to go, and it’s the bar, which will jeopardize Charles’ standing in the church. In order to drown his sorrows, he goes to the Woolpack, where Tom (James Chase) is distressed to see their vicar in such a state.

Tom tries to express sympathy for Charles’ loss, but Charles takes offense, and things quickly spiral out of control as a drunk Charles attacks Tom. Everyone is astonished to witness meek and gentle Charles pin Tom against the bar as the vet struggles to defend himself.

Despite the shock at his behavior from everyone sipping gin and sodas, Charles continues to make threats. When his family shows up, he suddenly comes to his senses and lets out a scared Tom.

Charles tries to flee once more, but this time Manpreet follows and gives him the riot act. It’s about time he admitted it, but would he?

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