Amy Wyatt and Chloe Harris from Emmerdale discuss the baby hypothesis.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

On Monday, September 25, Chloe Harris of Emmerdale seeks comfort from her sister Amy Wyatt.

Six months after the birth of her son Reuben with Mackenzie Boyd, Chloe confides in Amy that she could be pregnant.

Even though Chloe hasn’t taken a pregnancy test to confirm her concerns, Amy is shocked by the news.

Later, when Mackenzie gets home, she discovers Chloe using her phone to arrange a test.

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Chloe had to explain the warning signals that she could be having a second child since Mackenzie is unable to grasp what is happening and questions what is going on.

Mackenzie’s pleasure goes into overdrive as he eagerly anticipates being a father once more, much to Chloe’s astonishment. He is especially excited about the possibility to take advantage of the elements that he lost out on the first time around since he was keeping his distance from Chloe.

Mackenzie impulsively proposes to Chloe, putting an end to her previous concerns about his commitment, but is he doing it for the right reasons?

Chloe adores Reuben but is obviously overwhelmed by the experience of being a new mother, so her immediate reaction to the baby news is one of fear, not just about how she will cope but also about if it would strain her relationship with Mackenzie, according to Jessie Elland, who portrays Chloe. But I believe that in the end, Mom would want Reuben to have a brother.

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“It definitely takes her by surprise,” Jessie stated of Mackenzie’s proposal to Chloe. “She had convinced herself that Mackenzie would not react well to the pregnancy.

She adores Mackenzie and does desire marriage since, in her perspective, it would be the ideal conclusion to the family she has begun.

Chloe will find out she’s not pregnant after all, according to Emmerdale executives, in scenes airing later this week.

Chloe has further questions about this because she worries that if she tells Mackenzie the truth, he won’t be as enthusiastic in their engagement.

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