Chloe’s startling pregnancy deception rips Mack to his core in Emmerdale, according to spoilers

Will Chloe be honest or continue to act as though everything is normal? (Image from ITV)

Ah, nothing says “made-to-be” for a Soapland pair like two individuals who are so deeply in love that they feel compelled to tell each other explosive, blatant falsehoods. Chloe (Jessie Elland) and Mack (Lawrence Robb) of Emmerdale would like to think they are the youthful dream couple, but Chloe is about to make her own relationship-damaging lie and Mack has been experimenting with adultery.

Even if Chloe isn’t yet aware of it, the relationship between the two is unstable. It hasn’t been long since Mack abruptly dropped his pants during a talk with his ex Charity (Emma Atkins), and Charity is eager to expose her man to Chloe. Charity is currently keeping the secret a secret, but for how long?

Chloe and Mack have made a concerted effort to put their early relationship—in which Mack became pregnant with Chloe while in a committed relationship with Charity—behind them. With the addition of baby Reuben, they have created a new little life together, and both parties are enjoying having a child. Now all Mack can do is hope in the name of God that Charity decides to control her outspokenness.

When Chloe learns she is pregnant once more, Mack and Chloe’s relationship is about to take a step forward. She acknowledges that she isn’t prepared to tell Mack to Amy (Natalie Ann Jameson). But he discovers it as the supersleuth that he is when he sees her purchasing a test online.

When Chloe is cornered into explaining why she thinks she is pregnant, Mack is really excited, much to everyone’s surprise. He’s ecstatic that their family is growing, and as his happiness overtakes him, he pulls a shocking maneuver and pops the question to Chloe.

Yikes. And a surprised Chloe accepts graciously.

Chloe consents to wed Mack (ITV).

The next day, they begin to tell their friends about their good news, and Moira (Natalie J. Robb), who knows that Mack was just parallel parking with Charity not so long ago, expresses her worries that things are going too quickly for Mack. Why did he make out on the bed with his ex if he was so prepared to wed Chloe? While Moira and Mack are having a heartfelt conversation, Chloe pops off to the bathroom, where she discovers that her menstruation has started.

But is Mack really as content as he’s been acting as she deals with chaos? When he arrives at the pub, Nate (Jurell Carter) can see right through his act. He’s not as thrilled to have two kids as he’s portraying himself to be.

Despite this, the next day he gushes excessively to Chloe about his joy for the second child. But how can she tell him the truth and destroy his small heart now that she knows there is no baby? She makes the decision to keep the absence of a baby a secret.

That would be a grave error, but as Amy consoles her, she chooses to be honest and do the right thing. But as she strikes Mack with the clanger, he is completely shocked. What will he do?

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