Daniel Brocklebank of Coronation Street suggests that Billy and Paul will have a “wonderful” wedding.

Daniel Brocklebank, who plays Billy Mayhew on Coronation Street, has spoken out about the forthcoming nuptials of Billy and Paul Foreman (Peter Ash).

Following Paul’s diagnosis of motor neurone illness, Billy and Paul are cherishing every moment they still have together.

The recent passing of Paul’s friend Shelley, who also had MND, served as yet another warning that the disease will significantly decrease his life span.

After informing Billy that the topic of assisted suicide was no longer on his mind, Paul later revealed to Todd (Gareth Pierce) that he still wanted to select the moment of his death.

Paul’s life will be cut short due to his motor neuron illness (Image: ITV).

Aside from the distressing aspect of this tale, Paul and Billy are also busy with wedding preparations.

If everything goes through, it will be the first homosexual wedding ever on Coronation Street, and Daniel Brocklebank is excited to see how the scenes turn out.

The adored characters are preparing for their nuptials. (Image from ITV)

He spoke to us last night at the CUREUsher ball and said:

I believe there have been three unsuccessful lesbian marriages in Corrie, but this will be the first gay wedding, and I can already tell it’s going to be stunning.

The charity and Emmerdale actors Mark Jordon and Laura Norton organized the CUREUsher gala. After learning that both their son Jesse and daughter Ronnie have Usher syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that impairs both hearing and vision, they are committed to spreading awareness of the issue.

Daniel went on to say more about the subsequent chapter of Billy and Paul’s narrative:

You will undoubtedly witness a mix of humor and drama since, as in Corrie, there is always a solid balance between the two.

We eagerly await!

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