Emma Atkins, who plays Vanessa in Emmerdale, predicts a “huge” Super Soap Week.

The Emmerdale actor Emma Atkins recently discussed Charity Dingle’s participation in Super Soap Week this year.

We know this year’s Super Soap Week will include significant stunts and dramatic moments because of previous Super Soap Weeks. When the episode first aired in 2021, it was all about a survival challenge that had folks falling over a damaged bridge and Andrea Tate (Anna Nightingale), who was killed by Meena Jutla (Paige Sandhu).

Charity, Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb), and Chloe (Jessie Elland) are all expected to play significant roles this year.

Images that have already been made public depict the horrified moment Charity and Mack watch as Chloe’s automobile plunges down a precipice.

Lives will no doubt change forever and for Emma Atkins, she absolutely loved filming the major scenes:

Recently, Charity and Mack shared a bed (Image: ITV).

She informed us at the CUREUsher charity night, “I generally don’t get to do Super Soap!”

I haven’t performed it in a while, so this one is huge for me. I call my mother every day to let her know what we did, just like a little kid! I was being whirled about in a large vehicle called a gimble, which is similar to a large hamster wheel. When I got home, I told Albert everything about it. With Matt Hilton as our director, I believe we executed it flawlessly.

Vanessa relocated to Canada in search of a new career (ITV image).

The CUREUsher ball was organized by the charity and Laura Norton and Mark Jordon of Emmerdale. Usher Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that impairs both hearing and vision, affects both of the couple’s two children.

Emma continued the conversation by thinking about Charity’s friendship with Vanessa.

After taking a break for maternity leave, Michelle Hardwick will soon return to her role as Vanessa, but what could be in store for the beloved characters?

There was a genuine spark and connection there, I think you have to acknowledge, Emma added.

They both discovered each other, therefore their union was lovely. There’s certain to be some element of friction or link of some type, but to my knowledge, nothing at the present. I’m sure they’ll revisit it in some way, whether it’s on the periphery or if they go for the jugular.

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