Favorite character from EastEnders battles drug use in a controversial new plot arc

Jay will deal with a brutal drug narrative. (Image: Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron for the BBC)

The long-suffering Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) will face further difficult times as he turns to ketamine usage while grieving for his lost love.

Following the tragic passing of his wife Lola Pearce earlier this year, the well-known figure has had a challenging few months.

Since his loss, he has had trouble falling asleep and now spends the nighttime hours walking instead.

On his way home from one of these strolls, he saw Nadine (Jazzy Phoenix), a lady who remarkably resembled his late wife Lola.

He then learned that Nadine was an escort, which briefly stopped him from trying to get close to her.

When the two ran into one other again, they sat down for a drink and Nadine revealed that the position was only a temporary one to help her pay for school since she had far grander ambitions for the future.

As the two became closer, Jay returned to Nadine’s apartment and ultimately stayed the night. Nadine assured Jay that everything would be legal.

After that evening, Jay went back to see Nadine and this time he brought a bottle of Lola’s perfume for her to wear.

The introduction of the deadly party drug ketamine into their relationship is expected to complicate things in the coming weeks.

A source who spoke to The Sun about the dramatic plot said: “It’s a contentious plotline, introducing ketamine into millions of homes across the country.”

The hazards of heavy drugs are the key themes here, though. Jay’s experimentation with ketamine serves as a harsh wake-up call. The audience will be glued to their seats.

Will Jay be able to avoid temptation, or is he likely to become seriously addicted?

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