After learning that their children have Usher Syndrome, Laura Norton and Mark Jordan desire to “transform the world.”

Laura Norton and Mark Jordon, stars of Emmerdale, have promised to keep working to “transform the world” and discover a treatment for Usher syndrome.

The two children of the devoted parents, better known as Kerry Wyatt and Daz Spencer, each share the ailment.

Both daughter Ronnie, who was born in October 2022, and son Jesse, who was welcomed earlier this year, share the uncommon genetic disease that impairs both hearing and vision.

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP), an eye condition, and deafness or hearing loss are two conditions associated with Usher syndrome. It occasionally also leads to balance issues.

Although there is no known cure for the condition, there are therapies to assist manage visual, hearing, and balance issues. Patients with the disease are often identified when they are adolescents or teenagers.

In an earlier episode of Loose Women, Laura admitted, “My gut told me there was a significant problem [with Ronnie] and I was in tears at the prospect of it.”

However, it wasn’t until Laura was expecting their second child that they discovered it was exactly Usher syndrome.

Since then, the pair has been dedicated to finding a treatment for the illness, supporting the nonprofit and generating money and awareness.

The parents will continue to advocate for change (Image: Splash News)
Their cherished friends and co-stars have backed the parents (Image: Splash News).

They staged the Usher Ball this week, and a number of famous people, including several of their Emmerdale cast mates Danny Miller, Sammy Winward, Matthew Wolfenden, and Zoe Henry, supported it.

The two gave a speech at the crowded occasion, outlining their goal as they carry on the struggle.

We’re on a mission to improve the world, and CUREUsher is a charity that supports funding and research for Usher Syndrome, which both of our children have been diagnosed with.

“When we originally received the diagnosis, we were unaware of it,” Mark went on. As we moved along, we discovered that none of our friends or family members had; it is a really uncommon ailment and uncommon disease.

“With CUREUsher, our goal is to bring about that change and spread as much awareness as possible.” We have a platform, and we’ll make every effort.
Laura acknowledged the love and encouragement they have received, saying, “We have called on every friend we have, urged them to come, and every single one has.”

I’m overcome with emotion as I see everything come together and realize how many people love and care about me.

Mark grinned, ‘Having such buddies is incredibly empowering. “It’s a happy thing.” Additionally, a huge number of individuals are working behind the scenes, offering endless assistance and guidance. We’re incredibly fortunate.

I’m going to be washing automobiles and dog poop for years to come, Mark said in jest. We are very appreciative. It’s time we got up and took action; we just want to assist our kids.

Visit the CUREUsher website to learn more about Usher Syndrome and provide support.

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