EastEnders reveals Gina’s secret boyfriend as a terrible criminal from the past in a spoiler

Gina revealed to Cindy information about her lover (Photo: BBC)

There are spoilers in the next section for Tuesday’s (September 26) episode of EastEnders, which you can watch now on BBC iPlayer.

After discovering the person she was seeing in Marbella with another female, Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) has been left in a bit of a mess.

Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins), his mother, voiced her wish to fly to Marbella and handle the situation personally during a conversation about how she assumed he’d have the courtesy to tell her he was seeing someone else.

Online rumors have been circling in recent months about who the body on the floor this Christmas may be.

Viewers are aware that a flash forward episode from February hinted to a large murder with six potential perpetrators.

We were immediately brought back to a rumor that had been circulating not so long ago, which involves Gina having a mysterious lover, when Gina referenced her mystery man in tonight’s episode.

Theoretically, Gina’s secret boyfriend may turn out to be the villainous Dean Wicks, according to the fan who proposed the hypothesis.

Could Gina’s lover Dean go back to Walford? (Image courtesy of BBC/Kieron Mccarron)

After being cleared of the attempted rape of Roxy Mitchell in 2016, Dean was forced out of the Square by his father Buster. Dean had previously raped Linda Carter (Kellie Bright).

Viewers pondered whether his appearance in the background of a photo sent to Linda during the flash forward episode hinted to his potential comeback.

We can’t help but wonder whether Dean is the mysterious man Gina mentioned in Marbella who let her down.

One viewer saw the similarities between Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell’s debut in Walford and Gina and Anna’s (Molly Rainford) arrival, stating how their interaction with Bobby and Freddie (Clay Milner Russell and Bobby Brazier) resembled the Mitchell sisters’ interaction with Bradley and Dean.
Could Dean’s reappearance have been hinted at by doing this on purpose?

Could Dean be planning to find Gina to make things right if he is her new boyfriend? What does that mean for Linda specifically?

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