Emmerdale spoilers: Chloe is worried about dying as baby Reuben is once more brought to the hospital.

A catastrophe occurs (ITV picture)

Reuben the infant was barely hanging on to life not long ago as he fought bacterial meningitis shortly after birth. Watching the young man struggle with his sickness was terrible for Chloe (Jessie Elland). Now it appears that the mother could have to go through it all over again in a depressing Emmerdale twist.

And it all occurs just when she is at her happiest. Life is good for their small family now that Mack (Lawrence Robb) has proposed, in large part because Chloe is still unaware that Mack cheated on her once more with Charity. She is unaware that Charity (Emma Atkins), who is now struggling with her affections for Mack, secretly wants him back.

Charity commands Dr. Love, Liam (Jonny McPherson), to take her out again and keep her busy in order to conceal her feelings. They travel to the B&B for a romantic evening, but when Chloe and Mack show up and seat next to them, everything falls apart. It doesn’t seem good for Chloe’s continuing happiness when her attempt to move on from Mack is derailed and she becomes plagued with jealousy.

It is clear that she is losing her cool since she is unable to control her emotions and takes them out on Liam.

A dinner nightmare (ITV image)

The world of Chloe collapses the next day, but Charity is not to blame. Yet. Reuben makes an odd noise and becomes feverish while on the playground. Chloe realizes in her panic that it may be meningitis once more.

She asks Charity to take the two of them to the hospital since she has no other options, and Charity is compelled to comply because no one else in the area hasn’t had a sexual relationship with Chloe’s fiancé.
Once there, the mother who has been betraying Chloe in secret whips the baby off and leaves Chloe in need of consolation.

As Charity continues to struggle with her emotions as physicians treat Reuben, Chloe must deal with finding out that her spouse has been unfaithful on the same day her baby is given a life-threatening diagnosis. Would Charity really be so vicious?

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