First glimpse of Paul Foreman and Billy Mayhew’s wedding is shown on Coronation Street.

Spoilers for Coronation Street are underneath.

Paul Foreman and Billy Mayhew from Coronation Street are married in a touching wedding the following week.

At the Bistro, where family and friends have come to commemorate their special day, the pair exchanges wedding vows.

Paul’s mother Bernie and twin sister Gemma assist him in getting ready for his wedding at Number 5 in the opening scene of the show, which airs on Monday, October 2.

After everyone has settled up at the Bistro, Bernie and Gemma assist Paul in making his way down the aisle, where Billy is waiting for him.

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Before the registrar declares them legally married, the couple express their love for one another and read their vows.

After the ceremony, Billy is surprised to learn that Paul had been keeping something from him and that the day’s shocks aren’t yet ended.

Following the devastating moments examining Paul’s new Motor Neurone Disease (MND) diagnosis, the wedding scenes provide Paul and Billy some happiness.

The actor who plays Paul, Peter Ash, said in a statement to the media about filming the episode: “We’ve had so many situations when things are absolutely awful, so sad, and sort of hopeless, really.

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“Therefore, the wedding’s shooting was a breath of new air. It was a great day and really nice. We spent the entire day working with wonderful folks.

“It was a lot of fun. It was a ton of fun. In the middle of all the grief, it was a very great contrast to shoot such a joyful moment.

The disappointment of not being allowed to exchange vows in a church, which would have meant a lot to archdeacon Billy, has lately been felt by the couple.

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“Paul knows Billy well enough to realize that Billy is downplaying his disappointment at not being able to be married in a church,” Peter continued.

Paul’s faith is also revealed by Holly’s passing. He actually gets a spiritual experience at the funeral. Paul’s desire to get married in a church has also risen in importance recently.

But because Billy has dedicated his life to the church, he wants to do it mostly for Billy. He is certain that is where he wants to wed.

Therefore, it is rather disheartening that there can be no religious music and all of the restrictions that apply. Billy is playing it down, but Paul is actually a little disappointed that he won’t be able to eat any of it during the wedding.

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