The Inside Soap Awards 2023 results are dominated by EastEnders, with Lola’s tale winning five awards.

victory once more After the significant NTA victory, the renaissance has continued (Image: PA)

At the Inside Soap Awards 2023, EastEnders extended its winning spree with even more huge triumphs.

The much-discussed revival of the show, which until a few years ago was mostly ignored at award shows, is unmistakably still going strong, and one specific plotline has taken center stage.

Lola Pearce’s tragic leaving plotline has won praise from critics and viewers alike for its heartfelt and dramatic depictions in both acting and writing, despite the initial skepticism of many when it was originally revealed.

Lola lost her fight with illness earlier this year in sad moments, and the fallout is still being depicted on TV.

Despite leaving the program, Danielle Harold and Lola’s contributions made EastEnders stand out at the most recent awards, winning an incredible four honors in addition to the prized Best Soap title.

The tale was chosen as the best soap opera plot of the year by the voting public, with Danielle receiving Best Actress, co-star Jamie Borthwick (Jay Brown) taking home Best Actor, and Lexi star Isabelle Brown being picked as the Best Young Performer.

The year’s Soap Superstar has been announced as the enduringly popular Max Bowden, who as Ben Mitchell has also played a significant and heartbreaking role in the narrative (in addition to being one half of the fan favorite power couple Ballum).

No easy task! With three soap-related awards at the recent National Television Awards, including Best Serial Drama, Best Serial Drama Performance for Danielle Harold, and Best Breakthrough Star for Bobby Brazier, it is apparent that the program and the plot have had a significant influence on the viewers.

EastEnders hasn’t been discussed so feverishly and positively in years thanks to these and other major storylines that have developed over the course of the year, such as the developing murder plot involving “The Six,” the tragedy of Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) and Zack Hudson’s (James Farrar) miscarriage, and Cindy Beale’s return from the dead.

The other soap operas, though, haven’t lost any ground.

Danielle Harold has had a fantastic year! (Image from Shutterstock)
In terms of humor, Maureen Lipman is unrivaled (Image: Inside Soap)

Additionally, Coronation Street won an amazing four prizes, including Best Villain for the year for the contentious serial murderer Stephen Reid, played by the recently deceased Todd Boyce.

Channique Sterling-Brown, a Dee-Dee Bailey classic, has added another deserving Best Newcomer award to her collection, while Maureen Lipman continues to be the unrivaled comic icon.

The acid assault on Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott) and Daisy Midgeley (Charlotte Jordan) was the most shocking event in other places, and it will linger on in our memory forever for its unadulterated terror.

After a year of suffering experienced by the two characters, the often underrated pairing of Marlon Dingle and Paddy Kirk has been honored with the Best Partnership award, allowing the chemistry and friendship between mainstays Mark Charnock and Dominic Brunt to show through.

The vicious acid assault on Coronation Street will always be in our memories (ITV picture).
Dominic Brunt and Mark Charnock were honored to portray Paddy and Marlon’s narrative (Image: ITV).

And the enormous Dingle family is the Best Family despite stiff opposition from the likes of the Barlows, Platts, Mitchells, Slaters, and McQueens.

Chris Walker (Rob Hollins) of Doctors and Nigel Harman (Max Cristie) of Casualty won Best Drama Star and Best Daytime Star, respectively.

Finally, soap opera royalty Nikki Sanderson received the Outstanding Achievement award for her outstanding performance in Hollyoaks’ critically acclaimed Long Walk Home tale as well as a key role in the show’s incel plot.

As is customary, a significant soap fall looks to have begun with the Inside Soap Awards.

With a big fire story on the horizon and the intensification of THAT murder mystery, the acclaimed soap opera EastEnders shows no signs of slowing down.

There are exciting twists to come, including spectacular exits for Brian Conley (Rocky) and Lorraine Stanley (Karen Taylor).

With an hour-long episode that marked the beginning of a Who Killed Rayne storyline, Hollyoaks has officially entered a new, digitally oriented period.

And ITV’s “Super Soap Week” is approaching, promising major climaxes to two enormous storylines, as well as spectacular stunts, enormous disclosures, and gigantic exits.

It’s a terrific moment to be a fan in general!

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