We are in camp paradise seeing Kylie Minogue recreate the famous olive scene from Coronation Street.

We all know that music sensation Kylie Minogue began her career as Charlene Robinson in the serial opera Neighbours before moving on to other roles.

Now consider the monumental TV moment that would result from Kylie Minogue joining Coronation Street.

It would make for an interesting television spectacle to see her arrive in Weatherfield. She may don an overall and start machining knickers at Underworld, or she might grab a beer at the Rovers and start singing in duet with Glenda (Jodie Prenger).

Although that isn’t exactly in the cards just yet, online sensation Jack Remmington revealed in a video that he shared to his Instagram that Kylie had no trouble dressing up as a previous Corrie favorite when he saw her during the premiere of her most recent album Tension.

Kylie uses just two phrases to recreate what Jack refers to as his “favorite Corrie moment,” but she does so with anger and a northern accent.

what makes anything iconic.

Gail Platt (Helen Worth) is seen in the scene clutching a jar of olives while in her kitchen. She enquires of her daughter-in-law Kylie Platt (Paula Lane), “Would you like an Olive?” No, ta,” Kylie answers. Gail replies, “I adore olives.”

With her most recent big hits, Tension and Padam Padam, Kylie dominated the charts. Image courtesy of REX/Shutterstock

Gail doesn’t appear to be particularly enjoying the olives, so there are undoubtedly some hidden undercurrents at work.

But when Jack requested Kylie to assist him in reenacting the scenario, she readily agreed. The Padam Padam hitmaker, who is lounging in a chair wearing a green dress and thigh-high boots, imitates Corrie Kylie when she responds to Jack’s question, “Would you want an olive Kylie?” before the two start giggling.

The only way from here, according to Jack, is down. “Getting Kylie Minogue to reenact my favorite Corrie scene with me is definately the height of my career,” he said on his post.

For what was supposedly the final episode of the soap opera Neighbours last year, Kylie returned to the role (Image: Fremantle).

He also made a post about meeting the legend somewhere else.

It was an honor to have been able to spend time with her being so foolish since she is the most kindhearted, humble, and amazing woman. I cherish you, Kylie Minogue!

Kylie is no stranger to soap operas, having recently returned to the Australian drama Neighbours in what was supposed to be its final episode before receiving a very much-appreciated resurrection on Amazon Freeview.

In the episode, Kylie Donovan and Jason Donovan, who previously played Charlene and Scott, were seen entering Ramsay Street as their original song, Especially For You, was playing loudly on the vehicle stereo.

Charlene looked around the previous house of the couple and remarked, “house dear home.” It was a crucial event in television history.

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