Danny Dyer lashes out at EastEnders and explains why he left, saying, “They f****d it up.”

EastEnders’ Mick Carter was played by Danny. (Image: Jack Barnes / Kieron McCarron / BBC)

According to Danny Dyer, the decline in quality played a significant role in his decision to quit EastEnders.

After nearly ten years, the actor left the BBC One serial opera in which he played Mick Carter, whose final scenes included him drowning at sea while attempting to save his beloved Linda (Kellie Bright) from the dangerous waters.

Fans were sad to lose such a beloved character when he left EastEnders, bringing an incredibly popular era to a close.

Now that Danny, 46, has spoken about his reasons for leaving the program, he has said that the reduction in quality was a major factor.

He praised his previous plots, saying, “We fing killed it for the first few years.” It was strong s*t. The audience paid more attention to us than to these fing c politicians.

I was given some fantastic tales, as well as some terrible ones.

The earlier plots involving Mick and Linda were well-received (Image: BBC)

They made a mess of things at the end. It’s very bad it had to stop, but I had f***ing enough.

Danny is undoubtedly accurate about his earlier plots; upon their 2013 debut, soulmates Mick and Linda immediately won over the audience, leaving a lasting impact.

Within their first year, several celebrated stories and scenes would occur, such as Linda’s terrifying rape, Mick learning to swim while his past was explored, and Johnny’s (Sam Strike) unforgettable coming-out tale.

The Carters, however, would eventually become victims of a series of out-of-character plots, including Mick’s love for Whitney Dean and Janine Butcher, as well as Linda’s perplexing relationship with Max Branning.

That previous one still hasn’t left us.

Danny mentioned the stories as well as the cast members, whom he referred to as being “selfish.”

He remarked during a fan Q&A on Monday night in London, “I’ve worked with a lot of actors that are c***s, extremely selfish, it’s all about them.”

You must take care of your other actors. It’s about working together and taking care of one another.

Meanwhile, EastEnders has flourished under the direction of its new manager Chris Clenshaw, who has virtually brought the BBC One soap back to its previous glory.

Since Chris took over, the long-running serial has garnered an unparalleled amount of accolades, including the Best Soap prize at the British Soap Awards, the NTAs, and the Inside Soap Awards, among many others.

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