Tina O’Brien from Coronation Street reveals a key character’s comeback.

As Sarah Platt’s love life appears to be about to take another turn, actress Tina O’Brien of Coronation Street has revealed a significant comeback for one of her Corrie co-stars.

Speaking at a gala organized by the charity CUREUsher, Emmerdale’s Mark Jordan and Laura Norton, and Tina.

First, she described the ball’s function.

She said, “We’ve been very graciously welcomed by Laura who just found out that her kids have been diagnosed with Usher syndrome.” Jesse and Ronnie, two of Mark and Laura’s kids, have Usher syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that impairs both hearing and vision.

They are hoping to raise a ton of money tonight for the organization to help discover a cure, Tina said.

Adam and Sarah recently divorced (Image: ITV).

Tina excitedly discussed the approaching Super Soap Week, in which Sarah’s Uncle Stephen (Todd Boyce) is expected to finally receive justice for his murdering spree, when asked about what was coming up on Coronation Street and specifically for Sarah.

There are several upcoming events. Stephen will be the subject of many events this super soap week. It will be really thrilling,” she said.

After her husband Adam (Sam Robertson) learned she had been having an affair with Damon Hay (Ciaran Griffiths), Sarah is presently going through a terrible time. Adam declared he wanted a divorce after that, and his stance hasn’t changed.

A few months have passed since Damon was last spotted (ITV).

At least for the time being, Tina didn’t believe Sarah and Adam would ever get back together.

Obviously, Sarah is going through a divorce right now. She remarked, “I’m not sure whether there’s too much water under the bridge.
But Damon was the subject of news. Although we don’t know where he is right now, it appears that we won’t have to wait long to learn what he’s been up to.

We’ll see, Tina teased, “I’ve heard a rumor that a certain Damon could be coming back soon.”

Will the romance between Damon and Sarah rekindle? Given how many enemies he has created on the Street, will he chose to stay?

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