While traveling alone, William Ellis from EastEnders was dubbed a “nonce” by a group of males.

William Ellis, a star of EastEnders, has been speaking at the Inside Soap Awards about the response he receives from fans when out and about. He revealed that once, on a flight, a group of men called him a “nonce.”

Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner), whom Theo Hawthorne, a character played by William, had been pursuing for months after discovering her on a website like OnlyFans. When Theo first came in Walford, people were led to assume by his persona that he was a sympathetic educator who want to assist individuals like Freddie (Bobby Brazier) and Lily (Lillia Turner).

However, Stacey only learned the truth after Martin (James Bye) and Eve (Heather Peace) dug into Theo’s background.

Theo is played by the actor (Image: BBC).

Theo’s actions have led him to believe that Stacey loves him, purchase the Slater’s neighboring home, and in subsequent episodes, plaster private images of Stacey all over Albert Square.

Some EastEnders fans have approached William Ellis to share their opinions on this dark and unsettling plot.

“When people react the way they do, most of them are amused, and that shows you’re doing your job, you’re having the proper impact,” he said.

“I was on a flight to Ibiza six weeks ago when the plot question was, “Was Theo grooming Lily?” and I was very politely called a nonce by many stag and hen parties behind me. Although it was meant in good fun, it felt fantastic nonetheless! People are discussing the show.

People are stopping in the street because we’re on the radio. I feel really fortunate to have been a part of something that is unquestionably the largest thing I have ever been engaged in.

For months, Stacey was blind to Theo’s actual identity (Image: BBC).

When asked if he anticipated the narrative’s direction when he initially joined the soap opera, William replied, “You’ll have to wait to see where it’s going to go in terms of storyline, but I didn’t.” When I accepted the position, which was initially supposed to be for four or five episodes, or something similar, I believe they had already looked at my videos and decided that we could move in this route before I had even arrived on set.

I received the information “Actually, this is going to be continuous” quite shortly. And it was just the wet fantasy of every actor. being a part of ongoing drama, which is…On EastEnders, all of the performers’ realism and skill sets have been just astounding. And it’s a joy to work with such smart folks all the time.

William made a joke about Theo perhaps being responsible for the murder on Christmas Day:

Theo’s actions will keep getting worse. (Image: BBC)

Considering that the cliffhanger was dangling in January and that I only started the program at the end of January or beginning of February, it is a luxury to even be mentioned among the suspects.

I don’t know who it is. Great if it’s me!

But I’m afraid I just lack knowledge! It’s wonderful to believe that you are a target of humor. You’ll have to wait and see since Theo’s narrative will continue for a while.

Theo and Stacey will appear in court in upcoming episodes of the BBC One soap opera to see if Stacey may enforce a Stalking Protection Order on Theo.

Even though Theo is adamant that nothing will change between them, the magistrate’s ultimate ruling has significant repercussions for Stacey.

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