Charlotte Jordan of Coronation Street foresees heartache as Daisy creates a significant “mess of things.”

Charlotte Jordan, who plays Daisy Midgeley on Coronation Street, has warned that viewers can anticipate more heartache for Daisy Midgeley, who is about to “make a mess of things.”

As fans are aware, Daisy has begun to develop feelings for Ryan Connor (Ryan Prescott), who valiantly intervened to save her earlier this year when stalker Justin Rutherford (Andrew Still) planned to assault her with acid.

But despite their failed first attempt at getting married, the barmaid is still with Daniel Osborne (Rob Mallard), and the two are determined to start a family and get married.

Daisy, who is still undecided about who she wants to be with, will ultimately experience heartbreak, according to Charlotte, who has verified this.

The actress said on the Inside Soap Awards red carpet, “She’s at a place when she loves them both, but she’s extremely torn.”

On the Inside Soap Awards red carpet (Image: Getty), Charlotte chatted with us.

She is very beholden to Ryan, but she also understands that she has committed to creating a life with Daniel; as a result, she is conflicted between the two of them and handles it in the worst manner conceivable.

All of us will be devastated when she makes a wonderful mess of things.

I’m sorry.

Daisy has found it difficult to ignore her feelings for Ryan. (Image from ITV)

Corrie’s win for Best Showstopper for the acid assault episode, which aired in March of this year, pleased Charlotte, meantime.

She exclaimed, “It feels great!,” regarding the triumph.

I have a lot of pride in Team Corrie. I’m incredibly proud since a lot of people worked really hard on those episodes.

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