Emile John, a star of Emmerdale, reveals an unexpected new Ethan plot.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

The Emmerdale actor Emile John has announced that later this year, Ethan Anderson will take an unexpected turn.

After two years of the lawyer appearing to always obey the rules, the actor discussed the show’s ambitions to explore a different side of Ethan.

On the Inside Soap Awards red carpet in 2023, Emile said exclusively to: “Up until now, Ethan has been a character that’s been incredibly prim and proper. He has been going about his job; as a lawyer, he seldom ventures out of bounds.

But we’re going to witness a lawyer who could act erratically. The spectators will likely find that intriguing, in my opinion. I’m going to enjoy acting as well as playing a role.

Next week, Emmerdale gives viewers a first peek at heartbreaking funeral scenes.

Although there will be a new aspect of him, which I am looking forward to, he continued, “I’ve liked portraying him thus far.

This year in Emmerdale, Charles, Ethan’s father, was also shown to have a more cruel side.

Earlier this year, Charles intervened to protect Billy and Dawn Fletcher by threatening evil Alex Moore. More recently, just before his father Victor passed away, he accused him of stealing.

“It’s fantastic to see Kevin [Mathurin] play a more cunning side of Charles,” Emile added. He’s a highly pious man because he’s a vicar, but much as in my next plot, people aren’t all black and white.

We have several facets, therefore it will be intriguing to see him portray a darker Charles.

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Ethan experienced heartache earlier this year when his lover Marcus Dean departed the community. After Darcy Grey, who portrayed Marcus, chose to leave the program after just a year, the leaving plot was added.

Emile responded, “I was, Darcy’s a good pal of mine, therefore I was saddened by the loss of my co-star. We continue to communicate and occasionally speak. He and I had some amusing set banter, and I adore Darcy.

In response to the potential for a fresh romance storyline, he continued, “I think romantic tales really pull a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ out of a character and it’s such stories where you see a more vulnerable aspect of your character. Yes, I would like that.

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