Emmerdale reveals: tragic baby news, Chas’ sorrow, and depressing funeral

This week, the Dales have seen heartbreak (ITV).

Next week, Emmerdale will experience intense emotion as people who have experienced trauma are overcome by sadness.

What transpires when a traumatized Lydia Dingle (Karen Blick) confides in Kim Tate (Claire King) about her rape is described in our episode guide below.

While Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) honor Grace on a significant day, they struggle.

She is shocked by a rejection since she believes Paddy and she still have unfinished business.

She soon discovers a new spark, not realizing that her new boyfriend poses a serious threat to her.

Monday October 2

Simon, Harry introduces himself to Chas (ITV image)

As torn Claudette looks on, an emotional and sincere Charles gives his father the eulogy he so richly deserves. Will she be in a position to pardon her son?

On the anniversary of Grace’s passing, Chas is suffering and is irritated when her daughter insists on going to the playground rather to Grace’s burial.

Chas is quietly suffering, believing that he is stuck in the past, as Paddy thinks on how life has progressed at the cemetery. Paddy declines Chas’ invitation to join him for a drink as he and Mandy go to lunch, leaving her feeling entirely alone.

Later on that day, Harry gives Chas a drink and introduces himself to her as “Simon.” His goals are still a mystery, but they get along well enough.

As they get closer over their deceased children, Chas acknowledges that bringing “Simon” home was a mistake and graciously offers to stay on the sofa.

Harry investigates the backstage while Chas goes upstairs, glancing icily at a picture of her and Caleb.

Tom and Belle have a tender moment as they get ready to begin their new life together.

Tuesday October 3

Tom receives an apology from Charles (ITV image)

Unimpressed Paddy catches “Simon” before he can leave the Woolpack. Chas is reluctant to discuss Simon.

Later, Paddy informs Chas that Eve wants to live with him going forward after being thwarted by Chas’ prior defiance. When Chas makes a remark about Mandy’s parenthood, she steps on toes and is forced to leave Eve in Tenants with anxious Paddy.

Chas dials “Simon” from outside as her face is covered with tears.

Tom receives an apology from Charles.

Wednesday October 4

Samson is questioned by Mandy about his phone call. (Image from ITV)

Samson meets up with Craig again at his offices and inquires as to the circumstances surrounding his termination from his employment.

Craig takes advantage of the situation to concoct a tale that fits the facts.

Samson was soon led to believe that something occurred between him and Lydia. Craig welcomes Samson back to his workplace while coldly satisfied that he was able to influence him.

Samson is confronted by Mandy about what’s happening with Lydia and Craig when she overhears him speaking too loudly and openly on the phone to Cathy outside Dingles.

Mandy is desperate to learn the truth because she thinks Lydia and Craig may have been having an affair—she got the idea from Samson.

Although a part of their enigmatic plan has been accomplished, Cain and Caleb are still on edge.

After telling Liam about Mack’s engagement, Charity puts on a charm offensive, pleading with him to take her out that night.

When Chloe and Mack show up and are placed at the table next to Charity and Liam on their date at the B&B, Bob becomes less icy. As her level of jealousy increases, Charity snaps at Liam, shattering her facade.

Thursday  October 5

When Kim sees a tearful Lydia (ITV image), she is terrified.

When angry Mandy confronts her and inquires as to whether she has been having an affair with Craig, Lydia is terrified.

After dismissing Mandy’s charges, who were frightened but unconvinced, Lydia flees from Dingles in a rage.

Kim is shocked to witness Lydia crying later as she finally gives in to Craig’s falsehoods and confesses what occurred.

When Kim ultimately informs Lydia that she needs to tell Sam about the rape, Lydia is devastated as she realizes that her life has altered irrevocably. Will Lydia hear Kim’s begging, though.
Charity does her best to avoid Chloe, but she is forced into a conversation on the playground before Reuben cries and it gets too hot, which makes neurotic Chloe fear for her kid.

As soon as she remembers Reuben’s meningitis and realizes she has no one else to turn to for help, panicked Chloe asks Charity to take her and the ill Reuben to the hospital. Once there, embarrassed and guilty Charity tries her best to console Chloe, who is appreciative.

Overwhelmed Chloe is relieved to be clearing the air with guilty Charity when Reuben is given the all-clear.

Will Charity use this chance to come clean about her affair with Mack?

For whatever reason, Cain and Caleb enter the deserted Wylie’s Farm.

Friday October 6

Moira seems untrustworthy (ITV image).

Will Moira discover the truth about what Cain and Caleb are up to despite her suspicions?

Jai confesses, and Chloe faces a new challenge following the hospital drama.

Lydia’s struggle goes on.

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