Spoilers for EastEnders: Jay’s shocking revelation, Stacey’s horrific ordeal, and the battle of the wicked rapist

Slaters’ trauma and Jay’s secret revealed (Image: BBC)

The Slater family faces significant drama in the episodes of EastEnders airing the next week, with numerous members going through tragedy.

As she battles to obtain a restraining order, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) is forced to confront the villainous Theo once more, this time in a courtroom.

It’s not looking good when Theo manipulates the situation, and things quickly escalate to a catastrophic level that shakes Walford.

As Freddie (Bobby Brazier) has a confrontation with his rapist father Graham and is shaken by his comments, another predator is exposed.

Bobby is put in a dangerous situation as a result, and he quickly loses control.

Lily (Lillia Turner) is still having a hard time, so Kat (Jessie Wallace) steps in to attempt to support her.

Outside of the Slater-fest, Callum Highway (Tony Clay) learns the mystery of Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick), which leads to tension.

Monday October 2

Stacey battles to remove Theo from her life (Photo: BBC)

Prior to the hearing for her Stalking Protection Order against Theo, Stacey is anxious. When Martin walks there, Theo’s Secret Cam posters that were all over the Square are shown for her.

Stacey confronts Theo in anger, but he has already left for court looking sharp. Stacey chooses to attend the hearing and speak because she thinks Theo’s reputation could influence the magistrate.

Before Theo’s attorney, Mr. Rath, addresses the court, DS Garrett presents the case against Theo as she enters the room. Stacey can no longer keep back as Theo’s attorney dissects her reputation and character.

Upon receiving a friend request from “Graham Foster,” Freddie is alarmed and decides to block him. However, Freddie resolves to confront his father after speaking with Gina. Concerned Anna follows him, and the confrontation between the father and son starts.

Foster maintains that Little Mo is a liar despite Freddie’s demands that Graham acknowledge to raping Little Mo. He warns that he will contact the police if Freddie doesn’t leave.

Jan, a social worker, meets with Whitney and Zack to discuss their fostering needs. Whitney had to discuss tough portions of her history, such as Tony King’s abuse, during the appointment.

Whitney is concerned that what occurred to her would have an effect on her ability to foster.

Tuesday October 3  

Freddie goes off the rails. (Image: BBC)

For Stacey, the effects of the magistrate’s judgment are far-reaching. Theo asserts that the magistrate’s decision hasn’t altered his opinion that Stacey loves him just as much as he does and that their relationship is destined to last.

Later, while Stacey is at home alone, Theo breaks into the Slater residence, and a horrible occurrence takes place.

After his altercation with Graham, Freddie is in shock and cannot believe his father was so callous and heartless.

Freddie is terrified that he has a monster for a father, despite Anna’s assurances that he is not like his horrible father.

On a challenging day, Freddie tries and fails to make amends with Bobby, gets into a fight in The Vic, and quarrels with Stacey.

Wednesday October 4

Lily is being cared after by Kat (Image: BBC).

Anna attempts to convince Bobby instead of Freddie. Bobby is horrified to learn that he had a disagreement with Graham when she explains why he is in such a state.

He and Anna search for Freddie because they are worried that he would act foolishly because he is inebriated and agitated.

Lily loses her cool with Charli as the two are having dinner with the Slater family at Kat and Phil’s house. She completely loses it about not being able to be a decent mother and storms off.

Thursday October 5  

Callum worries about Jay (Image: BBC).

Callum is caught up in the argument and Ben can’t help but criticize Jay for going missing at night.

Later, Callum attempts to comfort Jay and offer to be his shoulder, but Jay swears he’s OK and was just out meeting new people. Even after telling Nadine that he is a police investigator after a run-in with her, Callum can’t help but be mildly amused by her attempts to pick him up.

Callum, though, is concerned when he sees Jay and Nadine together that evening.

Rocky attempts to persuade Kathy to spend some time by herself, but their accommodation at Sonia’s is wearing thin.

Rocky realizes he needs to make a significant change to get them back on track after receiving a reprimand from Kathy.

As they wait for social worker Jan to arrive, Whitney and Zack are on edge. She is happy to inform them that their application for foster care has been approved for the next step since she thinks they have a lot to offer foster children.

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