Yasmeen’s comeback narrative is revealed in Coronation Street spoilers as she receives a huge shock.

Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King), who will soon return to Coronation Street, is thrust into a major plot, which is utterly unexpected (Image: ITV).

A few weeks ago, the adored figure left Weatherfield for a birthday vacation in Pakistan. She was initially apprehensive to go since Stu’s (Bill Fellows) altercation with Eliza’s (Savannah Kunyo) father, Dom, was taking place at the same time.

Social networking was how Eliza and Dom first communicated. She covertly communicated with him through video conference before seeing her father at the police station.

Eliza swiftly confessed that Dom is her father, which dispelled Stu’s initial concern that Eliza was in danger.

In forthcoming episodes, Yasmeen returns from her vacation to find that Dom had attempted to get money from Stu in exchange for custody of Eliza.

The newcomer’s troubles continue this week when Dom and Eliza stop at Number 6, but Dom forbids Eliza from staying for her tea.

Yasmeen promises Stu as Eliza departs with the last of her belongings that Eliza will return as soon as the novelty of living with her Dad wears off, and all they can do is wait and be there for her when the time comes.

Dom causes additional problems. (Image from ITV)

However, it seems like waiting is the last thing on Stu’s mind when he later decides to meet with Lesley, a private investigator.
Will Lesley be able to find out anything about Dom as he requests?

Will Stu be successful in getting rid of Dom and bringing Eliza home?

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