Kevin Mathurin from Emmerdale said Charles will have a “difficult” narrative to tell.

Kevin Mathurin from Emmerdale has indicated that Charles Anderson will have some difficult times ahead of him.

Kevin remarked on Flo Wilson joining the cast as Charles’ mother, the impending Super Soap Week, and exploring a different aspect of his character when speaking with us at this year’s Inside Soap Awards.

“It’s been very good to shoot a little of a tougher side to Charles, a darker side, and a bit more bringing up his background,” he added. “You get an idea and an inkling as to what life was like for him beyond being a clergyman.”

It has been wonderful having the character’s family participating.

Since 2020, Kevin has portrayed Charles. (Image via Getty)

“It’s terrific, everyone is great to work with, having Flo in the group, she simply clicked, and it just worked,” he continued.

Her and Rebecca [Sarker] got along so well; their conflict was a satisfying confrontation! Right now, the family chemistry is absolutely fantastic.

In an effort to remove Victor (Eddie Osei) from the family a few weeks earlier, Charles gave him a stolen watch. Soon later, Victor passed away, and at this point, Claudette feels he did so as a guilty man who was not aware of her son’s choice to accuse his father.

As he makes his way back to the village, Charles struggles (ITV image).

Kevin has detailed what may occur in the town if the locals learn what Charles has done as the character spirals out of control:

I believe it would be contentious; some individuals would undoubtedly have something to say and would doubt Charles’s perspective.

“I believe that’s something he’s genuinely considering, but first and foremost, he’s more worried about whether he’s going to be honest with his mother than he is about his standing in the community.

Since she is so dependent on Charles for support, it is difficult for him to be honest and confess what he has done.

Kevin gave a sneak preview of the next Super Soap Week, which will include Charity (Emma Atkins), Chloe (Jessie Elland), and Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb):

I’m not engaged with Super Soap Week, so I really can’t comment!

I have no doubt that it will be epic, as it usually is, since the writing is outstanding. What I do know is that it has a pretty strong plot, and the director, Matt Hilton, is fantastic; he has a clear vision and has received positive reviews.

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