A terrifying moment in a Coronation Street spoiler shows a youngster being transported to the hospital after collapsing.

This latest clip from Coronation Street depicts the moment school bully Mason’s (Luca Toolon) actions put Maria Connor’s (Samia Longchambon) son Liam (Charlie Wrenshall) life in grave peril.

Prior to this, Liam was initially the focus of Mason and Dylan’s (Liam McCheyne) attack at the bus stop. While Liam struggles with his asthma, which causes Mason to make fun of him, the students have some fun joking about.

Gary (Mikey North) notices the interaction and is unimpressed.

Liam has problems. (Image from ITV)

Mason, Dylan, and a hesitant Liam plot to skip school one day later in the week.

This video captures Dylan and Liam as they test out some disposable vapes. Liam is persuaded to try the vape by Dylan, who joins in on Mason’s humor, but the smoke makes him cough and finally triggers an asthma attack.

While Mason makes a break for it and Dylan phones an ambulance, the young man digs through his backpack to find his inhaler.

Dylan becomes involved in Mason’s games. (Image from ITV)

Maria and Gary are terrified to learn what transpired while they are in the hospital.

Gary cautions Maria that the Radcliffes are an infamous family and that Liam has to keep far away after finding out that Liam has been spending time with Mason Radcliffe.

Maria walks up to number 11 and demands explanations from Dylan and Mason, but Mason disputes any involvement.

Later, Mason texts Liam to threaten to beat him up if he leaks information.

Yet, will Liam remain silent?

Liam McCheyne observed, “I think Dylan is really naive in what he’s getting into. I believe Sean is aware of Mason’s potential for harm, but Dylan frequently disregards him. Mason isn’t really a buddy to Dylan, but as I’ve already mentioned, he’s quite susceptible to being persuaded, so I don’t think he knows what he’s doing. He aspires to be like and blend in with the cool kids.

“I believe there are elements of both, particularly when we learn of what Mason has done and we are unsure of what else he is capable of.” In the end, we won’t oppose him,” he declared.

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