Nicola Thorp, a star of Coronation Street, is expecting her first child with Nikesh Patel.

Nicola Thorp and Nikesh Patel are expecting their first child. (Image via Getty/Instagram)

Nicola Thorp, a cast member of Coronation Street, has revealed she is expecting her first child with Nikesh Patel.

A professional photograph was used to create the couple’s Instagram announcement, which Nikesh captioned: “Some news.”

In the pictures, Nikesh brightens as he stands next to Nicola, who is shining in a bright pink outfit and holding her developing belly.

The TalkTV host received a ton of congratulations from family and friends, one of whom wrote: “I mean – this bubba is going to be gorge xx CONGRATS.”

Another person said, “wonderful song, wonderful belly, great cream ensemble, amazing coupling,” and a third added, “OH WOW!! Congratulations, sweethearts!

2018 saw Nicola play a prominent role on Coronation Street (Photo by Andrew Boyce).

Nicola, who last appeared in Corrie as Nicola Rubinstein in 2018, and then for a brief time in 2019, revealed her engagement to Nikesh in January.

Among the works in which Nikesh has acted are Indian Summers, Starstruck, and the television miniseries Four Weddings and a Funeral.

He and Nicola have been dating since 2021, and earlier this year, they shared a scene in the fifth season of the reality series Celebrity Hunted on Channel 4.

Since 2021, Nicola and Nikesh have been dating (Photo: Getty Images).

Nicola was terrorized for two years by a stalker known as “the Grim Reaper,” it was recently discovered.

The actress and activist spoke in court about how Ravinderjit Dhillon threatened to have her sexually assaulted in front of her parents while using 25 identities to harass her online.

The celebrity appeared in court in June and discussed an 89-page report she sent to the Met Police about his terror campaign, which began with an offensive selfie he sent in October 2018.

He turned into an army of guys who all threatened to hurt her and rape her, she testified to the court.

Nicola quit Coronation Street to pursue a career in media (ITV image).

I have fought for women’s rights for the whole of my adult life, but doing so in the public has cost me personally.

I “become the focus of the very behavior I was opposing.”

As she continued, “He sent messages stating, “I’m going to be with you forever,” “I’m your grim reaper.” She described Dhillon’s communications in which he identified himself as her “grim reaper.” He assured me he wouldn’t leave me 28 times in one message.

He claimed to be a lady named “Helena,” and according to Nicola, a buddy had followed her aboard a train.

According to The Sun, the companion “had gotten so near he could smell her.”

Prior to being sentenced at Isleworth Crown Court, he was remanded in jail after being found guilty in April.

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