Samson is shocked as horrible rapist Craig manipulates events with Lydia in Emmerdale, according to previews

Craig tricks Samson. (Image from ITV)

Following her rape, Lydia’s (Karen Blick) agony in Emmerdale continues, and in a heartbreaking turn of events, her own family, beginning with her stepson, turn against her.

Since Craig sexually assaulted her on his office sofa and then continued to harass and torture her, Lydia has simply been trying to live. Her loved ones have chosen to ignore the problem rather than try to figure out why she has turned into a shell of herself.

One such individual is moody teenager Samson, who, blind to Lydia’s circumstances, is all too willing to verbally abuse her when he doesn’t get his way.

Samson (Ben Addis), who was abruptly fired from his work experience by Craig (Ben Addis) at Lydia’s request, is furious and eager to return to the Piccologica headquarters to meet with Craig to learn why.

Craig, who is eager to discredit Lydia after she called him a rapist, sees this as an excellent opportunity as well. The sociopathic developer is able to manipulate things to fit his own version of events, tricking Samson into thinking Lydia is having an extramarital affair with his father.

Mandy wants details. (Image from ITV)

Craig welcomes Samson back into his group with his obscenely arrogant smirk. Samson blabs a little too loudly to Cathy (Gabrielle Dowling) over the phone, but he is too horrified to keep what he has heard to himself, and Mandy (Lisa Riley) overhears.

Mandy is now persuaded that Lydia is unfaithful as well, having already voiced her thoughts to a displeased Chas (Lucy Pargeter). After being shocked by Mandy’s confrontation, a distressed Lydia flees after being overwhelmed and depressed. Samson’s overheard comment led to the confrontation.

But will Lydia ever be able to forgive Samson for his horrifying treachery during the darkest period of her life? The only hope is that one day this will all be revealed and Craig will receive his comeuppance. Will he spill the beans to Sam and end their union for good?

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