Whitney worries that the child sex abuse she experienced may put an end to her ambition of becoming a foster parent.

Whitney must be honest. (Image: BBC)

While preparing for her future in EastEnders, Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) is reminded of her horrifying past.

Together with companion Zack (James Farrar), the adored character is presently traveling the foster care road. After their daughter Peach passed away and Whitney made statements about not wanting to put her body through another pregnancy, they decided to become foster parents.

After leaving Chelsea’s (Zaraah Abrahams) house and settling into their new residence, Whitney and Zack meet with Jan, a social worker, for an evaluation.

Whitney had to discuss challenging portions of her life at the appointment, including the abuse she endured from Tony King.

Whitney’s episode about child abuse aired in 2008. It involved Tony, who at the time was Bianca’s (Patsy Palmer) lover, grooming her and abusing her sexually.

Whitney concerns that her history could affect whether or not she can apply to be a foster parent in the present.

Whitney experienced maltreatment as a youngster (Photo: BBC).
Zack and Whitney are preparing for a joyful future. (Image: BBC)

Later on in the week, Jan shows up and informs Whitney and Zack, who are overjoyed, that they have been given the go-ahead for the next part of the fostering application.
What will these next moments entail for Whitney’s exit? Jan thinks they have a lot to offer foster youngsters.

She will ultimately leave Walford, but how will that affect her and Zack’s desire of starting a foster family?

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