A horrific mishap befalls an EastEnders actress as she rushes to the hospital

Amira was portrayed by Preeya in EastEnders. (Image: BBC)

Preeya Kalidas, a former EastEnders actress who was injured in an accident at the gym, was rushed to the hospital.

In the popular BBC One soap opera, the actress who portrayed Amira Masood published details of the event on X, then known as Twitter, stating that she got her finger stuck in a door.

Preeya said on social media, “So up and about starting the day in the gym.”

The finger became stuck in the door. The moral of the story is: now in A&E. Live! because anything might happen at any time.

Following that, Preeya, 43, uploaded a video on her Instagram that showed her finger completely wrapped.

In addition, she thanked the @NHSuk personnel for being wonderful, she wrote, next to the video.The nurse made me chuckle despite the throbbing, bleeding, and anguish. I need to put this on like a condom, she said.

The Shimmy vocalist Preeya is most known for her three-year stint as Amira in EastEnders.

In an episode seen by over 12 million people, the character was first presented as Syed Masood’s (Marc Elliot) girlfriend, whom she eventually married.

Over 11 million people watched the wedding of Amira and Syed (Photo: BBC).

Fans may remember that Syed was having issues with his sexuality at the time and had started seeing Christian Clarke (John Partridge).

Amira left Walford once it was revealed that the relationship was real, but she later returned again to EastEnders, with Preeya playing the same part each time.
Preeya previously assured us that, given the chance, she would “definitely” return to EastEnders. She said, “I had the nicest time on the program; it’s one of the pinnacles of my career.”

I would surely play Amira again if the tale was as dramatic as the other ones since I liked playing her.

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