Ash Palmisciano, an Emmerdale actor, recently dropped major indications about the outcome of one character in a fatal accident.

Following a horrific car incident that will shake our screens during Super Soap Week, Ash Palmisciano, the star of Emmerdale, has provided us with a tremendous amount of insight into what is to come for one character.

The Matty Barton actor and I met at the CUREUsher gala, which Laura Norton and Mark Jordan held to raise money for research into Usher syndrome, which has been identified in both of their children.

Retinitis pigmentosa (RP), an eye condition, and deafness or hearing loss are two conditions associated with Usher syndrome. It occasionally also leads to balance issues.

While speaking with us, Ash shared that his character Matty would be helping Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson), his ex-girlfriend, after her sister Chloe (Jessie Elland) gets hurt in a serious automobile accident.

Ash said to us that Amy was having a terrible time since her sister had been in a serious automobile accident. Ash also said that Amy was in a vulnerable situation because she was supporting her sister and wasn’t sure what would happen next.

Could Amy and Matty get back together? (Image: ITV)

This raises the question of whether Chloe will survive the possibly lethal vehicle accident that sends her careening down a precipice.

I won’t reveal too much, but Amy and Matty have become close as a result of a significant collision, which I’m sure you are aware of. They strive to support one another.

But then, as is customary in many soap operas, something happens where he helps out his uncle, which leads to a few issues.

Consequently, there will be some difficulty, but something wonderful will occur for them.

Ash’s on-screen sister Sophie Powles, who portrayed Matty’s sister Holly until her very sad death in 2016, joined us in an unexpected turn of events that may compete with a horrific soap opera scene.

Despite never having the opportunity to collaborate, the couple admitted that they are well acquainted.

It was very adorable. Soph gave me a sweatshirt in the mail when I first started working on the show; it said “Team Barton,” and she wrote, “Carry on the heritage.” Ash said, “And I just thought that was so nice.

Ash quickly agreed with Sophie’s statement that Emmerdale was the “greatest place in the world.” Sophie continued.

He continued, assuring us that they made up for it outside of work and that his only regret on the program was not being able to work alongside Sophie.

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