Eden Taylor-Draper, a star of Emmerdale, forewarns Belle of a bad turn coming.

The Emmerdale actors Eden Taylor-Draper and Isabel Hodgins have hinted at what Belle Dingle and Victoria Barton may expect in the near future, and it’s clear that they’ll be quite busy.

Tom King (James Chase), Belle’s ex-boyfriend, just reconciled with her, and things were going well until an unfortunate occurrence revealed a another side to Tom.

Tom’s mood changed when his car was taken, and after a confrontation with Belle, he forcefully slapped his fist down onto the table.

The actress Eden Taylor-Draper hinted that something could be afoot, leaving us to question if Belle should be frightened about Tom’s sinister side.

It’s challenging because he’s a nice man and she loves him, but who can say for sure? At the CUREUsher Ball, she spoke. Who knows how decent a man he really is?

Co-star Isabel gave a dramatic scream in response to Eden’s teasing, and she also hinted at Victoria’s prospective future with Jacob Gallagher (Joe Warren-Plant).

Keep an eye on it and watch how it develops, she said. Because they plainly find each other attractive, can they and will they? due to David’s (Matthew Wolfenden) overall condition.

Therefore, I believe the audience will love the journey since it’s a little bit spicy and the characters have been there for a while.

Eden and Isabel had attended the CUREUsher event with their Emmerdale co-stars Mark Jordan and Laura Norton, who are most known for playing Daz Spencer and Kerry Wyatt, respectively.

After finding that their two daughters had Usher syndrome, a rare ailment that causes hearing loss or deafness as well as the eye condition retinitis pigmentosa (RP), Mark and Laura volunteered to serve as trustees for the charity. It occasionally also leads to balance issues.

The purpose of the event was to raise funds for Usher syndrome research.

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