“Lonely,” says Lucy Pargeter of Emmerdale. Paddy “expects everything” from Chas since she is unable to move on.

Chas Dingle was abandoned and is now on her own (ITV image)

In Emmerdale, Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) is dealing with the anniversary of the passing of her daughter Grace and is experiencing a lot of loneliness.

Paddy Kirk (Dominic Brunt) has moved on and found happiness with Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) after her affair with Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) ended her marriage to him.

Chas was left to mourn the demise of both her marriage and her boyfriend while also acknowledging that she was solely to blame for the situation.

Actress Lucy revealed to us that Chas feels really alone on Grace’s anniversary.

Because she and Paddy aren’t together, she’s finding it particularly difficult this year, she added.

Because Aaron (Danny Miller) has been there, they had previously been able to grieve and go through the process together.

But now that she is single, she must accept the reality that it is happening again. She is also coming to grips with this. She is completely comfortable with Paddy being back with Mandy, but she is having trouble adjusting to being alone.

Chas can’t help but turn to Paddy for comfort on this sorrowful day, despite their new circumstances.

She told us, “I think she wants and expects everything, not necessarily having everything, but she thought they were bonding at the grave.” ‘She hears Paddy talking about moving on, but she isn’t.

She recognizes the chance to continue the day with Paddy, but when he goes out to lunch with Mandy to discuss Grace, she is left alone, which is terribly lonely.

Chas finds it difficult to accept that she now “shares” Eve with Mandy (Image: ITV).

Although Chas’misses company,’ according to Lucy, she isn’t actively hunting for someone to take Paddy’s position in her life.

She is willing to go on. She is open to the idea of going out and having a little fun with someone, but I don’t think she needs to move on or fill a void in her life.

At the HOP, she meets a man named Simon, and he buys her a drink. They eventually return to the Woolpack, where Chas is asked to sleep on the sofa after realizing she isn’t ready to move things forward.

Paddy is upset when he sees Simon leave the next day.

I believe his motivation is that “you might have been doing anything with him when I brought Eve (Bella James) back.” Lucy clarified.

Chas is feeling lonely (Picture: ITV)

‘She continues, “But this is my house! You cannot simply enter. She then takes the keys from him and offers to arrange for him to be let in if he wants to come inside.

She adds, “Nothing occurred and it’s none of your concern anyhow,” with much defiance.

Lucy is hoping that Paddy and Chas can heal their friendship despite this creating yet another rift between them. She emphasized that “they were friends before anything else.”

When Chas learns Simon’s actual identity, she may need all the allies she can get.

The terrible criminal Harry (Robert Beck), who left Chas’s brother Caleb Milligan (William Ash) for dead after he thwarted Harry’s unlawful schemes, will be instantly recognizable to viewers as Harry.

How much peril does Chas face?

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