Vicki Michelle of EastEnders pays heartfelt tribute after her younger sister passed away suddenly

Vicki Michelle, an EastEnders actress, paid homage when her younger sister passed away.

In a message on Instagram, the actor who portrays Rocky Cotton’s (Brian Conley) ex-wife Jo confirmed that loved ones had said their goodbyes.

The actress wrote these words next to a photo of Vicki, her sister, and her daughter:

This week, I said goodbye to my adorable little sister Suzie. both inside and exterior are lovely. Hundreds of people showed there to bid their goodbyes. She was adored a lot. Fantastic memories with Suzie and Suzie, her daughter. RIP Lovely sister. Enjoy your new house. I adore you.

Vicki’s article garnered a lot of positive feedback, and many fans expressed their love and sorrow.

In March of this year, Vicki joined the BBC One soap opera.

a problematic Jo delighted in making Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) believe she had a hidden child with Rocky, and she later returned in July to cause further trouble.

She got into a catfight while trying to tell the congregation about Rocky’s bigamy and afterwards demanded a whopping £50,000 in exchange for keeping quiet.

Jo came back in the summer to torment Kathy and Rocky once again (Image: BBC).

In her last appearances, she was shown talking on the phone to an unidentified individual and saying that although she had “got what she wanted,” there was still “plenty more for the taking.”

We began to wonder if Jo would return to Albert Square to stir up even more trouble, but we quickly learned the truth from Vicki Michelle, who played the character, at the most recent Inside Soap Awards.

Rocky’s ex-wife is Jo (Image: BBC).

I believe they left it open, she said. That was the problem. I hope to speak with you soon! That would be wonderful.

“I adored it.” She told me that when people called, they would exclaim, “Oh my gosh, we love this character!”

And it’s interesting how people protect you when you’re on EastEnders.

I’m making fun of Rocky, and a fan will comment, “Oh, she was so harsh to Rocky,” to which another fan would respond, “Well, what do you expect? She was abandoned by him 25 years ago! She had no idea if he was still alive or not.

I believe that people’s ability to embody the characters in EastEnders is what makes it so fascinating.

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