Before Karen Taylor’s “tragic death departure” in EastEnders, the show’s last plot line has been revealed.

Will a catastrophe occur? (Image: BBC)

New spoilers for what may be Karen Taylor’s final storyline on EastEnders have emerged as Karen Taylor’s (Lorraine Stanley) departure draws near.

Since her up in the Square six years ago, the well-liked figure has been at the center of a lot of turmoil, solidifying her status as a real fan favorite of Walford.

Since then, speculation about how she will be portrayed has begun, but it has been particularly challenging to come up with a plausible explanation for why Karen would ever up sticks and go, considering that the matriarch has never before shown any desire to live apart from her loved ones.

Many fans have been left wondering if Karen would end up being involved in the café fire this fall as a result of this.

It’s possible given that Kathy’s café, which is supposedly likely to be destroyed in the fire, is just across from the laundrette where she has worked for the previous five years.

Karen is about to depart the program. (Image: BBC)

In the forthcoming episode, which will air on October 11, Karen will devise a “devious plot,” according to a program spoiler.

Could this be the beginning of her leaving and the café fire right in the thick of autumn?

After 15 years, Whitney will also leave the show (ITV image)

Or will Karen quit the program in some other way?

We also know that Rocky (Brian Conley) and Whitney Dean (Shona McGarty) will leave Albert Square, and Jacqueline Jossa will reprise her role as Lauren Branning following a brief comeback in June, so changes will continue to happen on EastEnders.

Upon her return, Jacqueline said, “I’m so happy.” The excitement around EastEnders at the moment makes it such a wonderful time to return.

“I’ve been enjoying it like a fan,” you say.

“Walford holds a particular place in my heart, so it truly does feel like coming home,” she continued, according to The Sun on Sunday.

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