Keanu Taylor from EastEnders will enact a frightening scheme in the Sharon plot.

Spoilers for EastEnders follow.

Next week, Sharon and Keanu’s tale will take a significant turn on EastEnders.

Following the arrival of Lisa Fowler back in the summer, Sharon and Keanu’s reconciliation came to an abrupt stop.

When Keanu found out that Sharon had assisted Lisa in leaving the country with his small daughter Peggy, he was horrified and was unable to see a way forward for them.

Keanu will be spooked in upcoming moments by Sharon’s association with boxing promoter Dorian.

Dorian’s advances thrill Sharon as well, and she decides to meet him for a drink in The Vic so they can discuss business.

Despite her reservations over his recent chaotic actions, Sharon trusts Keanu to watch over Albie while she is gone. He is disturbed to see her all dressed up, though.

Dorian informs Sharon over a drink that she has a job opportunity in Abu Dhabi and should seize it, leaving Sharon tempted.

Dorian giving Sharon flowers and a kiss on the cheek makes Keanu uneasy.

Without consulting her, he chooses to take Albie out for the day, and Karen takes great pleasure in keeping Sharon in the dark about their whereabouts.

Furious, In the event that Keanu and Albie don’t show up soon, Sharon storms over and makes a threat to contact the police.

When Keanu returns just in time, Sharon wants to know where they have been, which sparks a heated argument.

Following their argument, things are tight between them, so Keanu tries to make peace by apologizing to Sharon.

When they talk about Albie’s childcare arrangements, she argues they need a neutral arbiter, which makes Keanu uneasy.

Karen and Keanu meet with Sharon and her attorney, and during their meeting, Sharon drops a bomb.

Karen had a confrontation with Sharon in The Vic after Keanu’s most recent run-in with her.

Feeling agitated, Karen goes back to Keanu’s house with a proposal and pressures him to accept it.

Sharon confides in Kathy that she still loves Keanu but isn’t sure if he truly cares for her or if they were only together because of Albie, unaware of what he is currently plotting.

Letitia Dean, who plays Sharon, explained why she decided to consult a lawyer: “It’s obvious that neither of them can come to a resolution on their own, so Sharon consults a lawyer to put an agreed plan in place so that Keanu is clear on what’s expected of him when caring for Albie and what access he’s entitled to.

She never intended for it to come to this, but now that he’s given her no other option, things are about to become ugly between the two.

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