Coronation Street spoilers: Peter unleashes violent attack ahead of explosive exit

This is advantageous. (Image from ITV)

Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) is the focus of Coronation Street during Super Soap Week.

After Leo’s death was found, the businessman is well aware that the walls are closing in on him, and he is determined to do all in his power to avoid being found out for his crimes.

As the new day breaks in Weatherfield, Stephen is making plans for his escape from the cobblestones but is unaware that his neighbors are assembling a really gruesome jigsaw puzzle.

Carla Connor (Alison King) is one of the individuals in this group. The next week, she is agitated because, despite her conviction that Stephen gave her an LSD dose, she lacks the supporting documentation she needs to provide to the police.

She persuades DS Swain (Vicky Myers) that Stephen is a flight risk after she discovers a printout of one-way tickets to Thailand in the office printer.

When Audrey shows up, she immediately stops the situation (ITV).

Despite Swain’s requests that she keep her information to herself, Carla informs Jenny (Sally Ann Matthews) of the police investigation into Stephen and begs her to reconsider going to Thailand since she could be fleeing with a murderer.

By deceiving Michael (Ryan Russell) at the workplace, Stephen is able to transfer the whole amount of Underworld’s account into a false account that he has created.

The events of the rest of the week will culminate with Peter (Chris Gascoyne) assaulting Stephen inside his apartment.

Then Audrey (Sue Nicholls) shows up and dismisses Peter, but how will these subsequent scenes affect Chris Gascoyne’s departure from the show?

Both Stephen and Peter will ultimately go, but will their departures occur simultaneously?

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