EastEnders actress Danielle Harold replies to the rumor that she and Jamie Borthwick are dating in real life.

The actors extensively collaborated on Danielle’s ultimate plot arc. (Image via WireImage)

The EastEnders actress Danielle Harold has commented on rumors that she is dating Jamie Borthwick.

Danielle just gave up playing Lola Pearce, who passed away after receiving a brain tumor diagnosis.

The BBC One soap included everything from Lexi’s (Isabella Brown) response to her mother’s news to Lola and Jay’s last excursion to the beach in a very poignant and heartbreaking plotline.

Due to their on-screen connection as Jay and Lola and their closeness off-screen, Jamie and Danielle spent a lot of time together during Danielle’s final few months on the show. As a result, there were rumors that Jamie and Danielle were dating.

EastEnders stars Jamie Borthwick as Jay and Danielle Harold as Lola. (Image: BBC)

Danielle recently responded to the remarks by saying, “I’m just going to keep that one out there, because it’s soo funny.” I’d hate to stop laughing since it makes me so happy!

Danielle continued her interview with Fabulous Magazine by saying, “I often say Jamie is the spouse I never asked for or wanted but yet received.

But seriously, there isn’t someone like that right now. She said, “But I’ve been so busy, it’s probably for the best.

“I have no time, which is incredibly fortunate,” you could say.

Danielle took part in shooting for the celebrity edition of Channel 4’s Hunted soon after leaving EastEnders.

She was teamed with Kimberly Hart-Simpson from Coronation Street, who portrayed Nicky Wheatly in the program.

The actress also addressed the speculation that she may go on this year’s I’m A Celebrity, announcing on a Loose Women episode that she would not be entering the Australian jungle.

Whatever the most recent program is, they always mention your name, she said, so there is always something.

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