“He is my hubby!” Peter Barlow’s departure from Coronation Street brings anguish to Alison King.

Fans of Coronation Street know that Chris Gascoyne will be departing his role as Peter Barlow in the near future, and his co-star Alison King feels the same way.

It also makes sense because the two have been working together for years to represent Carla Connor and her husband’s tumultuous, complicated, and passionate marriage.

The chemistry between the performers is evident despite how they have frequently depicted struggles with illnesses like alcoholism and insanity throughout the years.

Recently, it was announced that Chris will be leaving his current position to take on new ones. Thankfully, a tragic conclusion like death has been ruled out, and the actor hasn’t ruled out making a comeback in the future.

However, Alison has already given Metro.co.uk an exclusive interview in which she discussed her feelings on the leaving.

It’s always terrible to be without Chris, but everything will be OK, she assured us. My spouse, he is! It will be alright. We have become such close friends since moving into each other’s homes and lives. Chris’s wife Caroline will look after him for me.

Todd Boyce has hung up the holepunch used by murderer Stephen Reid, so Chris isn’t the only one saying farewell to the cobbles.

Although Alison will terribly mourn Todd, Carla and Stephen may be rivals (Image: ITV).

Alison offered her thoughts on the actor’s departure and insisted that she would still be in touch with him despite having experienced some really intense moments with him.

I have Todd’s phone number now, so I’ll never have to say goodbye! I really do adore him. It is clear that Carla despises Stephen; nevertheless, in reality, I find him to be nothing short of fantastic.

It’s ironic that Carla will play a key role in the last week of episodes, which will see Stephen’s criminal empire crumble and the truth exposed.

It remains to be seen whether or how he is punished, but Alison is pleased with how the episodes have turned out.

After watching the final stand-off with Metro.co.uk, she exclaimed, “It was the first time I’ve seen it!” It’s been a long time coming, obviously, and Todd, with whom I’ve been working closely, has really blown me away!

No other man in the world has put in as much effort as he has over the past two or so years. He hasn’t complained or said anything; he has just carried on, which is extraordinary.

They have traveled quite a far together (ITV image).
This has undoubtedly been a love story for the ages. (Image from ITV)

Although there wasn’t much humor in that episode, working with him, myself, and Tina (O’Brien, who portrays Sarah), we simply had a good time. Quite crowded!

“There were a lot of different components, and I wasn’t sure how they would go together, but now that I’ve seen it, everything works pretty well.”

Carla’s treatment by Stephen was reprehensible because he gave her LSD in a way that led her to assume her insanity had returned and sent her mental health into a tailspin.

Alison reflected on this development, saying, “I felt it was an unusual option [Stephen giving Carla LSD].” It demonstrates how, despite his desire to think otherwise, he was somewhat like Rumpelstiltskin. That was clearly planned out in advance.

It demonstrates Stephen’s inherent depravity because it was so carefully planned. It was different since the physician who described what LSD would feel like to me wasn’t the same as the psychotic specialists who guided me through that plot.

Stephen should be disappointed to learn that Peter has Carla’s back. (Image from ITV)

It only relies on your mental state when you take the LSD, they claimed.

If you are not preparing for it, it will just cause you stress and worry. Am I playing this correctly, I wondered.

I loved the way they handled it, she said, adding with some thought: “It’s one thing you don’t want to go back to.” It was a terrific pleasure to share the tale, but in reality, someone would be terrified to fall down that rabbit hole once more. I’m relieved I don’t do it all the time.

Next week is the first episode, and Carla is right in the middle of things. Fans will be happy to see several moments of them together, especially because Peter is also fighting for her side against Stephen.

Peter’s departure will come much sooner than we’d want, so we must make the most of it!

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