Busted! Who overheard Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd’s illicit talk is confirmed by a new Emmerdale video.

If you’ve been dying to find out who overheard Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd’s private discussion, you’re in luck because we’ve received confirmation of the person’s identity.

On Friday’s (October 6) episode of the ITV soap opera, Charity and Mack debated whether Chloe Harris should be made aware of their one-night affair during a covert rendezvous outside the Woolpack restrooms.

Mackenzie pleaded with Charity to remain quiet since he was sure Chloe couldn’t learn about his adultery. But Charity wasn’t so sure since she thought Chloe had a right to know.

It was discovered that someone had been listening in from the women’ restrooms and had overheard the conversation as the former flames, who are obviously still head over heels with one another, ended up the conversation.

Chloe overheard a chat between Charity and Mackenzie (Image: ITV).

That cliffhanger left fans guessing as to who it was. However, if you can’t wait until Monday (October 9) to find out what happens, we have a sneak peek video of the upcoming episode.

The in question tape indicates who was the person who overheard Charity and Mack’s one-night affair and revisits the chat they had.

Chloe, as you could have imagined, was there.

When Chloe finds out that Mackenzie and Charity were attracted to one another once more, the teaser footage shows her inconsolable.

This will contribute to her plan for retaliation, which will be the main focus of Super Soap Week.

Revengeful Chloe will pick up Charity, whose car has broken down, along the route after leaving on an adventure with Mack in the car. Devastation is sure to follow as all three lives end up in jeopardy following a catastrophic disaster.

Who will Mack decide to save, though?

These scenes will be seen in Emmerdale on Monday, October 9 at 7:30 p.m. on ITV1 and ITVX.

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