Emmerdale spoilers: After a secret erupts, Jai and Suni are in for a shocking shock.

Another surprise is coming (Image: ITV)

When Suni’s Uncle Rishi (Bhasker Patel) met an unfortunate death at the foot of the stairs in Emmerdale, he decided to stay in the area as a support system. Suni (Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana) had come to town to witness cousin Jai’s (Chris Bisson) wedding.

Jai was dealing with the death of his father and accepting the fact that he was his father, but Suni stayed and gradually created himself a gorgeous home with a new lover and a charming new career.

With Victoria (Isabel Hodgins) by his side, he is now firmly rooted in rural life, forgoing the opportunity to join his father Amit’s textile company in India. Additionally, it meant he got to spend time with his cousin Jai and his family.

But when he finds out the family secret that Jai has been hiding to himself—that they are not cousins, but rather brothers—his new, comfortable little world is about to be upended.

After all the criticism Jai received for Rishi’s falsehoods, Suni finds it difficult to comprehend the shocking news that his dad and Jai’s mother had a relationship. Jai also failed to inform Suni of this. Jai, who is depressed about the discovery, is comforted by Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy).

Suni has adapted nicely to country life (Image: ITV).

He wants Suni to forgive him so much, but Laurel shocks him by urging him to stop or they risk breaking up.
Jai doesn’t want to follow her advise, but he has come to the realization that Suni needs some breathing room.

When his ruse succeeds and Suni finally approaches him prepared to speak, he is relieved. However, there is another major shock in store for them both that will rock them both to their very cores before they are overcome by the warm, fuzzy sensation of brotherly love.

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