As Chloe displays deadly wrath, Emmerdale actor Jessie Elland claims that Mack “has no idea what’s in store.”

Chloe hears and seeks retribution. (Image from ITV)

We anticipated that Chloe (Jessie Elland) would eventually learn that Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) had cheated on her with his ex from the minute they shared a bed on the day of Reuben’s baptism in Emmerdale.

She will reach that realization in a very dramatic manner when Chloe, Mackenzie, and Charity are all engaged in a serious automobile accident, which is the central plot point of this year’s Super Soap Week plotline.

When Chloe overhears Mack and Charity conversing, she discovers her fiancé’s treachery, as Jessie Elland described to us.

Overhearing their chat has confirmed the thing Chloe had feared the most, she said, adding, “Chloe is very distraught.” She is “devastated, enraged, and deceived; she is completely unable to think clearly,” and “we truly see this shell of “everything being wonderful” start to crumble in her.”

Chloe learns their secret (ITV image)

The audience will get a rare glimpse of Chloe’s response as she watches Mackenzie kissing Charity farewell.

That was a lot of fun to film, Jessie said, especially switching between her inner agony and wrath and the outer nice “everything is wonderful” façade she puts on when she approaches them both.

Mackenzie convinces Chloe to travel to Scotland with him to stay in a vacation house with the intention of relocating there permanently to start a new life, completely unaware that she is aware of his secret. Chloe puts on a brave mask as they get into the car, but she is actually irate.

Jessie said, “Mackenzie has no idea what is in store for him.” “At this point, his actions have utterly destroyed Chloe, and it opens up a whole new side of her that I don’t believe anyone has ever seen.”

When they see Charity, who has ran out of gas, at the side of the road, the situation becomes much more stressful. Chloe believes this is an opportunity to confront her and Mack and maybe teach them a lesson, so she climbs into the back seat of their car.

Retaliation by Chloe against Mack gets out of hand (Photo: ITV)
It is a steep descent. (Image from ITV)

Jessie enjoyed acting out these situations. The tension in the air is overwhelming. There are so many layers to peel back that the atmosphere is somewhat constricting. However, it was a lot of fun to portray Chloe’s phony optimism when there was tension and resentment seething below.

Director Matt Hilton chose a dramatic approach for these sequences, allowing viewers to hear both Chloe’s inner thoughts and the things she is saying out in the automobile.

Jessie said that she was a little uneasy because she had never done anything like before. I’m curious to see how the sequences turn out since our director, Matt, is very talented and really helped me through those situations.

The big automobile accident stunt that ends the battle has the car hanging over a precipice. Jessie has never participated in a large stunt before.

Mackenzie tries to make a call for assistance (ITV image).

I’ve never had so much pleasure recording something as the vehicle accident. I’m still not over it. She was excited. For the real crash sequence, the actors had to ride in a gimbal, a giant cylinder with a suspended automobile in the middle that slowly rotated.

It was so fantastic that Lawrence and I accidentally wrecked one of the takes by giggling at how much fun it was.

One of my other highlights from the shoot was the cosmetics I got to use. My makeup artist, Megan, is amazing; it looked so natural that I couldn’t help but stare at it. Even yet, it’s really disconcerting to see your face covered in blood, scrapes, and bruises while experiencing no discomfort.

Jessie is eager for fans to see the episodes, the results of which are being kept a secret since we are unsure of who will live or pass away. She also anticipates being relieved of having to keep all the secrets.

In order to assist us match dialogue, we were given a sneak preview of the day we shot the gimbal sequence, and she assured us that it looked amazing.

“I can’t wait for everyone to see them and to finally be able to discuss it without fear of giving anything away!”

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