Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana, who plays Suni in Emmerdale, discusses the effects of her life-altering revelation.

Below are Emmerdale spoilers.

After learning that Jai is his brother, Emmerdale actor Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana has revealed what Suni Sharma’s next move would be.

When Jai eventually revealed to Suni that they are actually half-siblings rather than cousins, Suni’s life was permanently altered.

Before his adopted father Rishi passed away in July, Jai knew the truth but held off telling Suni.

When asked where things may go from here by and other media, Brahmdeo teased: “I believe it’s pretty complicated for Suni. He gets along incredibly well with Jai. Suni always thought of Jai as his elder brother growing up, but now he realizes that he actually is!

Anil Goutam, a newcomer to Emmerdale, shows the terrible side of Amit, Jai and Suni’s father.

Suni feels as though he has been misled his entire life. Because Jai is the businessman, I believe there is also a hint of envy.

“His father Amit would have preferred Jai to be his son in an ideal world. That is also boiling up, in my opinion, and is a betrayal of all that has occurred.

Anil Goutam, a former EastEnders actor, has recently been hired as Suni and Jai’s father Amit, according to the show’s producers.

In the episode airing on Monday, October 9, Amit makes his first appearance, showing up to The Hide in an effort to win the forgiveness of his two boys.

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“The authors have done a terrific job,” Brahmdeo said. Suni has a strong affection for his father, in his opinion. He would do anything for his father at the end of the day.

He said, in response to claims that Amit has a darker side: “It’s just human nature. Nobody acts badly in real life merely to be terrible. Everyone has a good reason, and perhaps an audience can see that, too.

Now that Suni had settled into the community, Brahmdeo thought back on his time spent in Emmerdale thus far.

It was lovely because I grew up watching soap operas with my parents, he remarked. My parents were ecstatic and overjoyed when I informed them I won the job because I don’t really have any acting experience.

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It’s a big deal, so there was some imposter syndrome. I recall feeling really thankful but also terribly anxious.

It was enjoyable because everyone involved—the cast, staff, and audience—feels like a family. Especially coming from London where I didn’t know anyone from Leeds, it feels extremely great. However, it is true what they say: “People tend to be friendlier the further north you go.”

Suni and Nicky Miligan, a newlywed couple who would later this month have to suffer an embarrassing family meal with their respective fathers Amit and Caleb, were also discussed by Brahmdeo.

It’s a pretty wonderful relationship right now, he informed us. There will soon be a really uncomfortable supper! Additionally, Gabby is undoubtedly annoyed to see Suni and Nicky together.

But it was enjoyable. Although I predict there will be some turmoil around the relationship, it’s still good to watch a happy couple on screen. at least for a time, till anything occurs!”

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