Spoilers for EastEnders: Keanu is alarmed to learn of Sharon’s new relationship

Sharon continues (Image: BBC)

In forthcoming EastEnders episodes, Keanu Taylor (Danny Walters) will experience emotional turmoil as Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) spends time with a successful businessman named Dorian.

It’s hard to imagine that Keanu and Sharon were just a few months away from arranging their nuptials. Back in July, Sharon crushed Keanu’s heart by telling him their relationship had to stop in fear it caused their son Albie any harm.

In forthcoming episodes, flirtatious boxing promoter Dorian will catch Sharon’s eye.

Sharon allows Keanu to watch Albie while she goes out after deciding to share a drink with her new acquaintance.

Keanu is alarmed to see Sharon dressed up just before she departs and wonders what’s going on.

Dorian tells Sharon in the bar that she has a work opportunity in Abu Dhabi, and it is obvious that she is tempted.

Sharon goes to get a drink. (Image: BBC)

Keanu is displeased when he sees Dorian give Sharon some flowers and a peck on the cheek later in the week. Then, without informing Sharon, he decides to take Albie away for the day. Karen (Lorraine Stanley) takes great joy in keeping Keanu’s whereabouts a secret.

Sharon threatens to contact the police if Keanu doesn’t come back since she is worried about her son, but he returns just in time.

Keanu apologizes to Sharon after their argument, but she insists they bring up a third party while talking about Albie’s daycare arrangements.

When Keanu meets Sharon and her attorney, she surprises him with a major revelation that leaves him speechless.

But what effect will it have on Keanu’s future?

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