Emmerdale spoilers: As Charity and Chloe fall over cliff, a terrifying death stunt is revealed.

The web of falsehoods is coming apart (ITV image).

In the hours leading up to the commencement of Super Soap Week, Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) and Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland), who are stuck in a car that is slowly sliding over a cliff, will be featured on Emmerdale.

Before this, a nervous Mackenzie (Lawrence Robb) is busy organizing a vacation to Scotland in the hopes that Chloe would approve of the notion of relocating there permanently so he won’t have to worry about Charity discovering their affair.

Mack rushes about to tidy things, oblivious to Chloe listening in on their talk last week.

When Tracy (Amy Walsh) explains how she overcame Nate’s (Jurell Carter) infidelity, Chloe is gleefully comforted when Mack affirms his love for her.

Later, Mackenzie reconciles with Charity and gives her a forehead kiss. They find out Chloe saw the moment as they are about to let go of a delicate hug.

Chloe listens as Mack offers explanations while wondering what in the world is going on.

Chloe seeks to exact justice. (Image from ITV)

Chloe’s smile changes to a look of complete loathing when she is alone, making it clear that she is planning to get retribution.

Mack and a reclusive Chloe see Charity along the side of the road with a broken down car as they begin their vacation.

Offering to drive Charity, Chloe purposefully misses the turn and continues on into the moors with the intention of leaving Charity and Mackenzie behind.

As soon as Charity notices that they are in a remote area, she orders Chloe to stop.

Mack wakes up first after the crash (Picture: ITV)

However, just as Mack is getting ready for what’s coming, a vehicle crashes into them.

As the aftermath unfolds, Mack regains consciousness and notices that the automobile is hanging precariously over a precipice. Mack tries to exit the vehicle while fighting his terror, but as he does, the vehicle creaks and starts to move.

Mackenzie must lead Chloe and Charity to safety as soon as they regain consciousness.

However, Chloe smacks the wheel as she advances, causing the automobile to drift even farther.

Charity and Chloe both reach out to Mackenzie in a desperate attempt to be saved, but who will he assist first?

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