Joe Duttine considers quitting Coronation Street over concerns about Tim’s death.

Due to his confrontation with Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce), Tim Metcalfe (Joe Duttine), a character on Coronation Street, is in grave danger this coming week.

Tim, who had previously been wary of the businessman, now becomes interested in Stephen as Brian (Peter Gunn) expresses interest in the canal dredging project.

Tim makes the decision to go to the canal as Super Soap Week gets underway. He dives into the water with an old boathook, only to see a corpse’s hand rise to the surface.

Tim manages to go back to his taxi and phone the police to report the dead body, but Stephen climbs in and tries to strangle Tim with a tie as they are driving away.

Tim is attacked by Stephen (ITV image).
Stephen becomes agitated (Image from ITV)

The cab driver manages to flee, but Stephen knocks him out with a brick after he falls over his shoelaces.

While Sally (Sally Dynevor) wonders what Tim is doing back in Weatherfield, she is completely ignorant that he is actually locked in the boot of his car, which is being drenched in gasoline.

Tim’s future is uncertain, thus things don’t seem promising for him, but could we truly bid farewell to the adored role and actor Joe Duttine?

Joe was a part of some exciting filming! (Image from ITV)
DS Swain tries to catch Stephen (Picture: ITV)

Joe informed us of his experience on Coronation Street, saying, “It’s been absolutely great for me, and it’s been a delight to work on.” Joe was considering leaving the program.

So, if that is the character’s fate, then so be it, and I will just be thankful for the time I’ve had here. Of course, I’d be devastated, but that’s how the program works.

I believe viewers can anticipate a lot of suspense, some humor, a lot of character-based material, and a true sense of an ensemble show with plenty of twists and turns and [surprise moments]. He said, hinting at what will come up during Super Soap Week, “Characters in circumstances that they don’t normally find themselves in.”

Will Tim make it? (Image from ITV)

It’s beneficial to exercise your acting muscles a little bit, have the chance to engage in challenging activities, and exercise your creative muscles. I really enjoyed it.

“I’ve wanted to catch a bad guy for a while!” I’ve wanted to get Phelan ever since Phelan. Because of what he was doing to Faye, I didn’t want Phelan to get away with it. Tim finally had the opportunity to contribute to the downfall of the evil. So yes, I like each and every minute.

He said, “He’s a genuinely great person and we’ll be sad to see him go.” Todd Boyce is leaving the company.

“I’m simply happy I got to be a part of his narrative,” she said. Win-win! He had a wonderful finish, and I believe he had a good time.

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