Legendary Emmerdale actor Kelvin Fletcher discusses the “accident” that led to his becoming a farmer in real life.

Initially, the family intended to relocate to the USA. (Image via Kelvin Fletcher’s Instagram)

Kelvin Fletcher, a former Emmerdale actor, has shared details of the journey his family took to start a farming business in the Peak District.

The actor, who is well known for playing Andy Sugden in the ITV soap opera, and his wife Liz purchased the 120-acre property back in 2020.

The couple has a hectic life caring for sheep, chickens, pigs, horses, a cat, and a dog in addition to raising Marnie, age 6, Milo, age 4, and their twin boys, Maximus and Mateusz, age 1.

The move to Los Angeles that Kelvin and his family had planned to make soon after winning Strictly Come Dancing in 2019 has to be postponed because of the coronavirus.

In a recent interview, Kelvin and Liz described how they boldly chose to buy the farm after Kelvin saw it on Rightmove.

According to Liz, Kelvin came up with the notion.

In 2020, Kelvin and Liz acquired the farm (ITV image).

We had two kids, no real obligations, no jobs, and they weren’t in school. After that, all visas were suspended, but we were prepared for change. Liz, what about buying this farm that Kelvin spotted on Rightmove?”

Kelvin remarked, “We didn’t do it because we wanted to be farmers. We kind of ended up becoming farmers by mistake.” We desired something distinct. We looked at a lot of other areas, but this peaceful, ideal existence won us over.

It’s not as quiet as you expected, as it turns out. You think, “I’ll get some more sheep,” since there are sheep. Then it gets worse!”

The BBC visited Kelvin and Liz’s farm in 2022 to film Kelvin’s Big Farming Adventure, which examined the family’s transition to farming as their new source of income.

Fletcher’s Family Farm, which is scheduled to premiere in the fall, will shortly move the family from the BBC to ITV.

The possibility of Kelvin returning to Emmerdale as Andy Sugden, a role he performed from 1996 to 2016, was discussed with us back in September.

Never say never! he said to us.

“It’s an amazing show, it has a tremendous fan following, and since I left, it’s just gotten better…”I should probably stay away if that’s the case! After finishing a play, I departed to pursue other artistic endeavors and, in addition, embark on an adventure.

“I’m blessed in that way since I now watch the program as a fan.”

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